How many billion seconds in a lifetime?

By | December 12, 2006

How many billion seconds in a lifetimeHas anyone ever lived 4 billion seconds? Not that we know of. “The longest human lifespan on record that has been authenticated is the 122 years 164 days of Jeanne Calment, though fiction, legend, and mythology have proposed or claimed vastly longer lifespans in the past or future and longevity myths frequently allege them to exist in the present.”

1 billion seconds = 31yrs 251days 13hrs 34min 53seconds

2 billion seconds = 63yrs 137days 21hrs 21min 4seconds

3 billion seconds = 95yrs 24days 5hrs 7min 11seconds

4 billion seconds = 126yrs 275 days 18hrs 42min 21seconds

If you know anyone who is 31 years, 8 months and 7 days old … have a 1 billion seconds party for them!

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  1. kelly woloshin

    Does the 2 Billion seconds in 63 years plus count in the 15 leap year days which may fall in between?

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