Mom cures baby’s mystery illness that had baffled doctors with simple yoghurt drink

By | January 26, 2009

A baby with a mysterious condition which causes his stomach to swell has been cured by a probiotic drink, his mother says.

Riley Anderson, who is 11 months, has struggled with the bloating syndrome since birth.

Doctors first noticed the problem when he was just 12 hours old and Riley was taken to a special baby unit.

Yakult yogurt He was fed by a tube and later transferred to a specialist children’s hospital, but no one could work out what was wrong with him.

His mother, Anna Anderson, 35, said: ‘They didn’t know what it was and sent us home.

‘They still don’t know what it is. He was bloated and his stomach was nearly as big as his body, it was like a balloon.’

The problem continued for months. As doctors could not help her, Miss Anderson decided to do some research herself.

When she explored the antibiotics that Riley had been given by doctors, she discovered that one of them kills natural bacteria in the body.

As a last resort, she decided to try and reintroduce this bacteria to her son by feeding him bottles of probiotics.

‘I gave him Yakult and he was fine within the first couple of days of him having it,’ she said.

Riley AndersonRiley Anderson‘He was ten months old, and at his happiest he had been. There was no bloating.’

A few weeks later, Riley had problems with his ears, and was taken to hospital, where he was given more antibiotics.

But after just two doses, his stomach began to swell again.

Once he was home, his mother, from Aby, Lincolnshire, began to dose him with Yakult and he returned to normal.

‘I think there is a bacterial imbalance in his stomach which means he can’t digest food, and the Yakult helps get that back,’ she said.

‘When I give him Yakult, it settles his stomach and he is fine.’ Dr Henry Mulenga, a member of the Royal College of Paediatricians, with a special interest in gastroenterology, said: ‘We are beginning to hear more and more of these type of stories. In my view it is very possible.

‘There is no doubt that some conditions can be improved by introducing healthy bacteria.

‘Many parents may feel that is the case. The difficulty we have with very small babies is whether it is entirely safe to do so.’

via How I cured my baby’s mystery illness that had baffled doctors with a simple yoghurt drink | Mail Online.

This article comes off a bit spamish, but it seems like good info to pass on. I’ve been using some probiotics since I took a course of antibiotics recently.  If you kill off the good stuff, the bad ones can take over. As this story shows, you can fight the bad bacteria with the good. I’m currently taking one Jarro-Dophilus EPS capsule per day.

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