How Fluoride Was Sold To America…And How We Bought It

By | August 18, 2012

How Fluoride Was Sold To AmericaAnd How We Bought It

Fluoride – An Industrial waste product that’s added to the water supply.

The battle on fluoridation continues and is burning through the American southwest. Phoenix, Arizona, the nation’s sixth most populous city, is seeking to rid itself of the harmful chemical compound known as fluoride. Come this fall, the Phoenix city council is slated to discuss the future of fluoride and it’s removal from the municipal water supply, a move that has been a growing trend in cities across the United States. Just recently, Albuquerque, New Mexico passed a ruling to put an end to fluoridation in its city water system. In 2001, residents of the city of Flagstaff, Arizona, voted by an overwhelming majority to have fluoride removed from their public water system.

The anti-fluoride movement has been spreading not only in the United States but world-wide according to this document from Fluoride Action Network (FAN). China, Germany and France have a full ban on water fluoridation citing serious health risks. In China, the World Health Organization has estimated that millions of people have a crippling form of skeletal fluorosis from the naturally occurring fluoride that exists in the environment. Skeletal fluorosis is a painful bone disease and is directly attributed to excessive consumption of fluoride. Studies have also shown that even small increases of fluoride expose humans to mutagenic damage and destructive changes to their DNA.

EPA official and chemist, Dr. J. William Hirzy, expressed his view on fluoride at a Senate subcommittee hearing in 2000, which was contrary to the very agency he worked for. This is what Hirzy had to say: “If this stuff gets out into the air, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the river, it’s a pollutant; if it gets into the lake, it’s a pollutant; but if it goes right into your drinking water, it’s not a pollutant. That’s amazing… There’s got to be a better way to manage this stuff.â€

Under the EPA’s own regulatory guidelines fluoride is listed as a chemical neurotoxin with substantial health risks. Sodium silicofluoride and hexafluorosilicic acid are the hazardous chemicals that make up the fluoridation process and are waste products originally created by the aluminum and fertilizer industries.

In 1931 the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) under the direction of Andrew Mellon (The Mellon Institute) conducted fluoridation tests through the Public Health Service (PHS) by dentist H. Trendley Dean, who coincidentally, was the first director of the National Institute of Dental Research. Dean found that as fluoride levels began to rise, so did percentages of dental fluorosis. Dean claimed his test results lowered cavities even though it was just the opposite. Dean promoted the falsified findings and eventually became known as the “father of fluoridationâ€. Andrew Mellon, who held considerable authority as acting U.S. Treasurer, put pressure on (PHS) to push the fraudulent tooth decay agenda.

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Most people don’t know that fluoride is a waste product of atomic bomb production. Making bombs made huge amounts of waste fluoride and they had to get rid of it and stop the lawsuits when crops and animals died from exposure to it. So, after a secret meeting, Rutgers did a study with Army recruits and determined that those given fluoride had less cavities. That was true… because their teeth fell out. That’s what I recall from when I researched this many years ago.

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  1. jim carlin

    the first case of fluorinosis i saw in medical school
    was a black man with diabetes who drank excessively
    from his well that had high levels of fluroide-a difficult disease
    to diagnose at the time-there has to be a better way
    God – grant us the will to do the right thing

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