Private: How Bush wants to make torture the law of the land

By | September 9, 2006

Private How Bush wants to make torture the law of the land

President George W. Bush wants to make torture of prisoners legal by steamrolling Congress into passing another bill, like the USA Patriot Act, that ignores freedoms that used to define America. … Many of the harsh interrogation techniques repudiated by the Pentagon on Wednesday would be made lawful by legislation put forward the same day by the Bush administration. And the courts would be forbidden from intervening. … legal experts say it adds up to an apparently unique interpretation of the Geneva Conventions, one that could allow C.I.A. operatives and others to use many of the very techniques disavowed by the Pentagon, including stress positions, sleep deprivation and extreme temperatures.?It?s a Jekyll and Hyde routine,? Martin S. Lederman, who teaches constitutional law at Georgetown University, said of the administration?s dual approaches. … The CIA’s “secret prisons” in Europe that critics said were little more than torture chambers generate intense debate within the Bush White House and with our foreign allies and led to yet another court decision declaring the CIA’s activities illegal. …

Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 the Bush Administration has sought to treat anyone accused of terrorism as military prisoners of wars and to deny them the rights due others charges with crimes under the Constitution. And the courts have repeatedly ruled against Bush and his actions….

[Reader Comments] “It is the way of evilness to crave sadism to be going on. As to why, I don’t know. Sadism makes it very easy to spot evilness as only evilness has any interest in sadism. Goodness doesn’t use sadism at all ever for any reason whatsoever.”

Hey, if you’re not guilty of anything, then you shouldn’t mind a little torture to prove you’re innocent, right?”

“the Nazis have finally found a home: The United States of Dumbfuckistan. Now Amurrikans can understand how it happened in Germany.”

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