Chinese Killing Prisoners for Organs?

By | March 15, 2006

Chinese Killing Prisoners for OrgansI hope this is not true. Over 10,000 executions per year at secret Chinese death camps? This makes the news that Yahoo gave up info to the Chinese government leading to the arrest of some political dissidents much more ominous. I’m not sure what all the fighting is about. Freedom, I suppose. I do find it creepy that the Falun Gong emblem includes what looks like a swastika. Many religions are giving me the creeps these days, but so are some evil secularists.

“… This past January, Chinese officials similarly announced a new campaign that would supposedly sabotage activities of cult organizations as part of a complex struggle against enemies,according to a Reuters report. Past campaigns to strike hard have resulted in upwards of 10,000-plus executions in a single year, say human rights groups.

Word of concentration camps for Falun Gong practitioners has circulated for several years. An October 1, 2000, report by Agence France Presse told of two concentration camps having been recently built, both specifically for Falun Gong detainees. The camps were said to have been built in northwest and northeast China, and been capable of each holding up to 50,000 persons.

An October 6, 2000, report on stated that a concentration camp, expressly for the Falun Gong, had been built in the remote northwestern province of Xinjiang. Chinese sources report seeing Falun Gong adherents shipped off on trains to the Xinjiang camp. Little to no information on the secretive camp has emerged. No one to date is known to have come back from the camp.” – INDY

Some people have said, “This [swastika] symbol looks like that thing Hitler had.” I can tell you that this symbol doesn?t have anything to do with any social clashes. Some people say that if the corner tilted to this side it would be Hitler?s thing. That?s not an issue, since it turns both ways. This symbol was widely known in the world 2,500 years ago, it was back in Shakyamuni?s time that they got to know it. It?s only been a few decades since the time of Hitler and World War II, and he stole this symbol for his own use. But the color of his was different from ours, it was black, and what?s more, its corner pointed upward and it stood on its end, it was vertical.

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