Home remedy test for raw itchy feet: What really works?

By | August 25, 2009

UPDATE 4/19/2011:

My dreaded foot itch is back.  I’ve used Lamisil, terbinafine hydrochloride 1% for a week and while it provides some relief, the fitch over all seems to slowly spread. Thumbs down. Going for the Miconazole nitrate 2% and hydrogen peroxide treatment.


Miconazole nitrate 2% worked best for me long term and sitting for 5 minutes with a paste made of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda on the itchy area provided instant relief as did soaking in Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%. Total cure took about 2 weeks but was much improved after the first four  days of treatment.

UPDATE 9/1/2009:

Day 11 of itchy feet. Added Miconazole nitrate 2% to my twice daily attack. Also using Tolnaftate 1% twice daily. Starting to get results.

Got perscribed Fluocinonide USP 0.05%, but since over use can cause your skin to become thin and die, I’m not going to use it.


I must have picked up some kind of foot fungus… but I can’t see it. My feet look normal, but they itch like hell.

I asked pharmacist what would be best three days ago. He said “Lamisil” (active ingredient = Terbinafine Hydrochloride 1% – anti fungal).  So I tried it. It got better at first… then worse! Perhaps the three times a day I tried to use it was too much, since it says use once per day for a week, but the itch was just too bad so I had to try using it more often.  It does say “Stop and ask a doctor if too much irritation occurs or gets worse.” I’m checking with my doc tomorrow… but meanwhile…

Tonight I was just about to go completely freaking nuts, and the itch was spreading the more I scratched.. when I found a Yahoo! Answers page with some foot itch remedies.

The first thing I tried is baking soda. I grabbed a styrofoam ice chest, filled it foot high with water and dumped a huge amount of baking powder in there.

So, as I type this, my feet are soaking in baking soda water.  10 minutes so far, no itch! Fantastic. After taking them out and drying them off, the itch starts to return, so I make more Baking Soda water, this time with added sea salt.

Here are all of the tips from “Go Green”:

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. Add baking soda into a bit of water. Make it into a past and rub it on the affected area and between your toes. Let it sit for five minutes, then rinse, clean and dry. Repeat this process daily until your foot condition is gone.

Results:  ***** Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Instant relief!

Clorox. Make a solution of one-half up of Clorox bleach and a gallon of water. Then, soak your feet in it for fifteen minutes twice a day until your athlete’s foot disappears. According to people who swear by this remedy, the chlorine bleach kills the fungi related to this condition.

(Not tested, don’t want the fumes)

ConAir Pro Style 1600 Hairdryer. One reason why you may be getting athlete’s foot is due to excess moisture in between your toes. So, before putting on your socks and shoes in the morning, make sure your feet are completely dry by holding a hair dryer a few inches from your toes.

Results: ** Mild itch while drying. Okay 1 min after. 2 min later, some irritation.

Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap. Soap up your feet with this product, dry them and then apply a dash of the soap as lotion to your feet. Make this part of your daily routine in order to eliminate athlete’s foot.

Not available.

Heinz White Vinegar. For ten minutes, soak your feet in this product. You should do this up to four times daily for several weeks. The vinegar is acidic and will kill the bacteria and fungi on your feet, thus, eradicating your problem.

* This was the most painful for me.

Kingsford ‘s Corn Starch. Sprinkle this cornstarch onto your feet and into your shoes to absorb moisture and reduce friction.

* Soaking in it was nice.  Powder on wet feet wasn’t very soothing.

Listerine. This remedy is only for users who aren’t afraid of a little pain. If you wash your foot with Listerine it acts like an antiseptic killing your foot fungus. However, it will sting and burn in the process. So beware.

Results: ***  No great relief, but not painful at all. Used Advanced Listerine Arctic mint. Poured directly on feet. Then soaked in diluted Listerine for 5 minutes.

Morton Salt. Dissolve eight teaspoons of salt into one quart of warm water. Afterward, soak your feet in it for five to ten minutes daily until your problem disappears. The salt will attack the fungi on your feet.

Results: ** (added sea salt to baking soda water, makes a little itchy. **** Dead sea mineral bath salts and hydrogen peroxide, not bad.  )

Preparation-H. Coat your feet with a fine layer of this product in order to sooth itchy toes.

Not available.

My addition:

Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%.

Results: *****  Aaaaah! Very nice. Cool. Refreshing.  Zero pain. Zero itch!

Next day: Itch gone all day, but returns in the evening about 7 PM. Purchased some cheaper anti-fungus spray. Bad choice. Makes the itch worse. Back to Baking Soda and some new ingredients from the store: corn starch and white vinegar.

I now have some of the most sterile feet on the planet. Plus, I found a use for some very old bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide and Listerine and for that Baking Soda that has been sitting in my freezer soaking up odors for over a year.

Some advice from medicinenet.com:

Powders, especially medicated powders (such as with miconazole or tolnaftate), can help keep your feet dry. Finally, your feet can be soaked in a drying solution of aluminum acetate (Burrow’s solution or Domeboro’s solution). A homemade remedy of dilute white vinegar soaks using one part vinegar and roughly four parts water, once or twice a day as 10-minute foot soaks may aid in treatment.

The second part of treatment is the use of antifungal creams and washes. Many medications are available, including miconazole, clotrimazole, terbinafine (Lamisil) sprays and creams, and ketoconazole shampoo and cream, etc. Ask your health-care professional or pharmacist for a recommendation. Treatment for athlete’s foot should generally be continued for four weeks, or at least one week after all of the skin symptoms have cleared.

More advanced or resistant cases of athlete’s foot may require a two- to three-week course of an oral (pill) antifungal like terbinafine, itraconazole (Sporanox), or fluconazole (Diflucan). Laboratory blood tests to make sure there is no liver disease may be required before taking these pills.

Topical corticosteroid creams can act as a fertilizer for fungus and may actually worsen fungal skin infections. These topical steroid medications have no role in treating athlete’s foot.

68 thoughts on “Home remedy test for raw itchy feet: What really works?

    1. Xeno

      I had Tinea before as a kid, but this doesn’t look like it. Still, it was my first thought, but it should have responded to the Lamisil, I think… Will ask the doc about that. The itch is just around the area where my sandals were touching, tops where the strap was, and back of the heel where the support was. Time for new sandals, for one. Woke up at 3 AM for another baking soda treatment and this time tried Tea Tree oil. Got me through the rest of the night.

    2. kodeek

      I see that “athletes foot” is used in this subject. What if it’s ezema, or just severve itcgy feet etc, and not athlets feet, cause I do not have athlets foot, and they itch so bad, when I stop scratching they BURN and hurt to the point of tears and i’m so tired from no sleep, so what if it’s not, the term being used here athlets foot! What if it’s just itchy/something else making them itch?

  1. Silkyray

    I have the same problem your describing xeno.

    I suspect it’s: ‘Moccasin’ tinea is extensive hyperkeratotic tinea, in which the skin of the entire sole, heel and sides of the foot is dry but not inflamed. The affected area does not include the top of the foot. This is usually caused by T. rubrum.

    Nothing I have tried has worked to any great extent and the itching is persistent.

    1. Xeno

      Thanks! I will keep nuking my feet with various things until something works. Not bad at the moment. Could be, but doesn’t look like Trichophyton rubrum. No breaking or cracking skin, no whiteness, no spots or patterns. Just very mildly red all over, if anything.

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  3. Itchypods

    “My feet look normal, but they itch like hell”.

    Ok, this describes my problem perfectly. I’ve had this for several months, but the last two months have been unbearable. My feet are in otherwise perfect condition, smooth, no rash, bumps etc. I’m going to try several of the remedies you’ve tried. Tonight I placed (5%)white-vinegar-soaked paper towels on my feet and tied plastic bags around them. I let my feet “pickle” like this for 30 minutes and it seemed to provide three hours of sanity (going on four…). Last week I wiped my feet with (7%)pickling vinegar and that worked better than the regular (5%)white vinegar I had been wiping them with previously. However, I’m now moving on to this paper towel/wrap method…it seems to provide a more lasting effect. I’m sure the (7%)pickling vinegar paper towel/wrap method will be even more effective. Thanks for listing your experiences with the remedies you found. I’ll be following suit!

  4. NoMorItch

    Great post, Got me thinking. Back on Oct 10th, I took all that was said – as my feet looked normal but the ITCH made me insane! 2 1/2 months of it; Soaking every night with all kinds it itch treatments and physician suggestions, only to have it come back alsmost immediately.
    I took items from this post and put them together and now 6 weeks later still no itch. (I gave it time before I posted this, just in case.)
    1st: I got a towel, a little tub big enough for my feet to get in a bootle of vingar ( I only had special cooking type with orange rinds soaking in it – but Hey! gotta do what ya gotta do!), A glass with Baking soda made into paste with water, a basting brush, and a bottle of peroxide.
    2nd; I painted my feet with the baking soda paste and let it dry
    3rd: I poured a little (1/8th – 1/4 cup?) peroxide in the tub and put my feet in. The reaction between the two bubbled and burned, but in a good way.
    4th: I poured the vinigar on my feet (Still in the tubs with everything else) and left then in it for 5 minutes or so. Rinsed and dried.
    I did this every to every other night for a little over a week, maybe 2. No more itch! It worked! If it does come back, I’ll know what to do.
    Thanks for the help!!!

    1. Itchypods

      NoMorItch – That’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing. When my feet get itchy I still use the vinegar (7%) method and it works perfectly. It also leaves them extra soft and smooth. 🙂

    2. Paul Bastiaens

      I found that wool caused itchy feet and only wear socks and other clothing that contains no wool!!!

      Another thing I came across was that we changed our washing powder about 7 or 8 months ago, last December my feet started to itch and I tried all sorts of medication for athletes foot to no avail, tried numerous concoctions of lotions and potions like witch hazel, vinegar, baking soda, salt tea tree cream, etc. etc. none gave me more then a few hours of relieve, until I had a brain storm and remembered that many years ago my sister was allergic to certain soaps and powders. We went back to our original brand of washing powder and within 48 hours all itching was gone. Hope that this might alleviate somebody from this terrible itching, good luck.

  5. Trudy

    So far I have tried everything on the market, prescription and all from Dr,s and nothing has worked, today my feet are red and itchy
    it is 4 am and cannot sleep..,driving me insane.
    Will now try the baking soda method, and will try wrapping my feet in the pickling 7% vinegar when I get it later.
    Absolutely nothing brings me relief for long. Even saw on the net, to use your own urine on your feet, I tried that too.
    Didn’t seem to do diddly ! other than making your feet sting ! Discusting isn’t it…what to do next?

    1. Anna

      Hi Trudy. I would recommend the pickling vinegar method – that’s the one that worked for me. I still use it once in a while. My feet weren’t red though, just extremely itchy. I would recommend using a foot file to get rid of any dead skin cells first, so the vinegar absorbs better. Fold some paper towels in half (or use a couple of the “half sheet” type). It’s best to use two layers of paper towel for each foot because it holds more vinegar. Soak paper towels in the vinegar, and then place them against your feet. To keep the paper towels against the bottom of your feet you should put your feet in plastic bags. I use those really thin, clear plastic bags that are available in the produce section of the grocery store. I tie them in a knot around the ankle area. I trim the excess plastic off the knot. Then, to make sure there’s even better contact (i.e., paper towel with soles) I wear tight socks over top of the plastic bags. I usually “pickle” for an hour. It shouldn’t sting at all. You can go about your daily activities while you pickle. Then take them off. No need to rinse, unless the smell of the vinegar bothers you. Your feet will be wrinkly, at first. I find this is a really good way to moisturize my feet, but most importantly, it takes away the itch. For me, it works wonders. I hope it does the same for you. Good luck!

      1. Kristen

        This is an excellent idea! My husband has suffered from sweaty, itchy feet for years. I just started last night to look up home remedies and the first thing I tried was the baking soda paste idea. We slathered that all over his feet and he sat like that for about an hour and he only got a slight amount of relief. Maybe he has to do it several times before he notices a significant amount of relief? I think we will try the vinegar next I so want him to feel better!! Thank you for the help – I will let you know how it goes!

  6. Happyfeet

    Spent an hour or more going crazy with the itching, tried the creams soaked them etc in the end took a Benadryl hayfever tablet ….. 45 mins later I am sitting here feeling very much relieved 🙂 Never thought of doing this before but it seems to be working.

  7. Aquamom

    I have read that this type of itching (on soles, sides and tops, without rash or bumps or dryness) may be associated with high blood pressure (?)

  8. sharon

    please see a doctor before it’s to late
    the more you wait the more you worried and it get worst.

  9. Shelly

    Ive been having the same problem and none of the store products have helped at all. So I now have a mixture of baking soda and vinigar mixture at once pasted on my feet. Lol I hope nothing bad happens 😉 Ty for all the ideals I sure hope I get some relief.

  10. cathy

    Just soaked my feet in warm water and baking soda plus Dr. Scholls foot bath salts, it looks like dried oatmeal powder, and it smells great… Stop the itching and dry feet right away. I also use zincofax cream on my feet if I cannot soak them,,,

  11. cathy

    The zincofax cream, is actually the diaper cream for babies but it has the zinc in it which heals the sores or cuts. I have been using jars of this stuff on scratches or zits, works wonderfully!

  12. Cathy

    Just airing your feet and allowing them to breathe is another suggestion or walking through the salt water and sand exfoliates the dead skin!

    1. Terri

      It’s 3am and I’m trying everything. My left pointer toe started itching yesterday and I can’t even sleep thru it. My husband says athlete’s foot, but I live in south Texas and haven’t had anything but a flipflop on in months! I did, however, get a pedicure 4 days ago. But only itching on ONE toe? Am sitting with baking soda / water paste at the moment and feels good. What happens when I wipe it off??

      1. Xeno Post author

        Depends on the cause. Can you get a good picture of the part that itches the most? Xeno735@yahoo.com Your husband may be correct, but it could be a fungus or something else from the pedicure. Do you walk through grass with flipflops on?

      2. Denise

        Thanks for all of the suggestions. This is a new problem for me also, & is driving me insane too. So I plan to begin trying the remedies offered here. I just wanted to ask any of you if you have this symptom too, and that is that the front part of the soles of my feet seem to have thickened, in addition to this terrible, terrible itch, but my feet look completely normal other than that, no redness or anything. I have been having regular foot baths with cool water & Epsom salts, but that only brings very temporary relief. Also, does anyone here know exactly how to diagnose athlete’s foot?

  13. Mitzie

    hmmmmm as it is i’m having the same issue, i have tried almost everything but I realised washing my feet with chlorax and savlon helps, peroxide helps and soaking in vinegar to a lesser extent, I am going to try baking soda….

  14. jjaazzy

    I came here cause I have the same issue it’s been going on for about 6 weeks now. First someone told me it’s dry feet so I had DH rub on some moisturizer, well the extra rubbing or increased circulation sent me running…. the itching was unbearable. What I do is run to the tub and hit the feet with the shower massager with the hottest water that I can stand on the hardest spray I have……. That seems to help. But I want this problem behind me so I am going to try the baking soda / vinegar trick. Is this regular household white vinegar?

  15. Helen

    Can i use baking powder instead of baking soda? The top of my feet itch like mad and i need something that i have at home without shopping!

  16. shay

    Afrer trying a ton of home remedies, creams and sprays the best thing that worked was the clorox. 3 days in a row and gone.

  17. Sandra

    I just tried hydrogen peroxide followed by a lot of Purell (hand sanitizer.). Took a minute for it to truly stop all itching, but so far so good. Even if I have to apply every few hours, it’s better than the insufferable itching. Tomorrow I’ll try the vinegar and/or baking soda if itching resumes. May also try Benadryl also.

    I have had the little bumps come and go for a decade now. Simply cannot isolate cause. Pretty sure not stress or wearing closed shoes. For years, it occurred every summer and I thought some plant or weed was the culprit. Now here it is December and it’s started again so I’ve ruled out plants as the cause.

  18. Sandra

    Update: Vinegar worked but only for a short time. Tried paste made from baking soda and vinegar. Better and lasted longer but the absolutely best thing is hand sanitizer. I used Purell last night and this evening when the itchiness was driving me nutso, I grab a bottle of Bayer Advanced hand sanitizer. Stung a little where I had scratched my arch raw, but then there was immediate relief. And it lasts for hours and hours. Has anyone else tried hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol?

    1. Denise

      I haven’t used it on itchy feet, since my soles seem kindof thick, but hand sanitizer has worked wonders for me as an aftershave on my legs!!!! I can’t stand the itchy, even with lotion on after, I’m going crazy. I use the extra moisturizing from Sams club, and it stings, but my legs don’t keep me up itching all night. Sanitizer is amazing!

  19. mary alderman

    I got this itch on my foot it starts out as a blister it swells really big so i pop the blister because cant walk but as soon as the blister drains of a greenish pus i clean it with peroxide 30 minutes later foot itching nonstop . my boyfriend had this problem first and still has it. I ve never had a problem until he slipped on my slippers to walk to the bathroom and days later my foot itches with a blister. please help me tried some of everything no relief yet.

  20. Ken Chan

    I think the bottom of my foot was infected by some fungus, most probably from the public swimming pool 8 years ago and it has not gone away since. Every day or second day, it itches like hell and I have to use sanding stone to sand it down and then heat a small long sharpening stone to apply heat on the itch area, which is painful if you are not careful. I would not recommend it. I had tried so many different medicines and seen doctors without success. I will try the Clorox as suggested by Shay and hope it works for me. Pharmacy medicines all did not work either. The skin of the itch area is like a penny coin and is slightly thickened. I would like some real help if any one out there knows of a great remedy, but I shall try the clorox (bleach) treatment.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Sounds like you have been way too rough on your skin. Have a dermatologist take a look, or if you can’t, email me a photo of it and I’ll ask a doctor friend’s advice.

  21. keyplayer

    I spent some time researching home remedies and trying them and with a few working ok for short periods. I was compelled to find a long term solution. My research lead me to believe that fungus caused by moisture was the cause of my constant itching. I began to believe that if I could stay out of shoes all together it would help. it does. I went bare foot as often as I could and started to use a product called Lotrimin Powder every time I put on shoes. I bought several pairs of new shoes so I could make sure to not wear any that were wet or moist. I change socks as often as I can and always put the powder on when entering shoes. This seems simple but it really works. I also recommend getting out of your shoes whenever possible. Even sleeping in your socks keeps your feet moist. Let your feet breath and they will be happy.

    1. Xeno Post author

      I agree with most but found that only certain anti-fungal meds really work on some foot problems. If one doesn’t work in a few days to a week, switch. The active ingredient in lotrimin is Clotrimazole (1%) so if that three times a day for a week fails, see a doctor or switch to Miconazole Nitrate 2%.

  22. Daniel Ricardo montez

    Large tub of peanut butter… It is amazing and quite an experience.. Try adding some smuckers jelly and a ripped up piece of wheat bread… Won’t help your feet much but you can say that you’ve been knee deep in peanut butter..

  23. prema

    best home remedy is powdered camphor with coconut oil. crush a few camphor mix well with oil and apply on yr feet and hands overnight / day……i personally experianced which gave me a best result

  24. Warren16002

    I get these little puss filled bumps on the tops of my feet the right foot is worse this time. They itch like mad and end up breaking open yesterday I soaked it in vinegar and when I dried it off with a coarse towel I scrubbed the area. About an hour later I had a large dried yellow pus trail about 3 inches long running from the area down the top of my foot. That’s another interesting thing they don’t scab like normal they scab with like puss Its not a bug bite and it does not seem to be contagious and it hasn’t spread to any other area. It’s not athletes foot either. Just maddening its been a good three weeks now and while my left foot has healed up I haven’t had any luck with the right side.

    I have tried listerine. Hydrogen peroxide. Rubbing alcohol and now vinegar. 2 years ago I had a dr prescribe some anti fungal crime junk that did no good either.

      1. Warren16002

        I believe that was the first thing the dr’s gave me last year and after that they gave me a steroid ointment. Neither seemed to do anything

        1. Xeno Post author

          There were two I tried, one did diddly squat, the other cured my foot itch completely but I had to keep using it according to the directions.

          Try Miconazole Nitrate 2%.

  25. jvdsporthorse

    Witch Hazel gives instant relief … why this rash/itch issue comes up occasionally I haven’t figured out, but Witch Hazel is a wonderful remedy. You can buy it very cheaply at a Drug store or Walmart

  26. Tosh

    I have the same problem.It is horrible.I have it mainly on and around my toes and the bottom of my feet.when it starts around the toes I put bandaids on each toe as tight as possible.for some reason it seems to relieve it enough so I can get some sleep but it is very annoying and will not permanently go away.

    1. Mary j

      For 8 yrs, I’ve used super hot water from the faucet. Put it in a container, dip the affected foot area in it, for a split second, 2-4 times, then the Itch is gone, til days or weeks later, when it returns, then I repeat the process. Also, scraping affected area with a sharp edge instrument for a few seconds brings almost instant, lasting relief, usually for days.

  27. jvdsporthorse

    I’m not 100% sure, but it might be a potassium deficiency… since relieving the itch with Witch Hazel, I then started to take Potassium as the diet I’m on says to take Potassium supplements and I didn’t know that until 3 weeks into the diet- now, no more itch…

  28. jjaazzy

    Finding this thread saved my sanity. I went to the Dr. with this itchy problem and they just looked at me…they didn’t know what to do but then I found this thread and oh what a relief…… I had to do a couple of treatments but I am happy to report that the problem has been gone almost a year now. So weird anyone know what it is that we got? For those that tried and it didn’t work you have to use a stock pot something big and dump the baking soda in there a bunch of it maybe 2 cups worth.. so get the big box and get the gallon Vinegar…….. and dump about 1 cup or so of that…….. these items are cheap in the store. I had to do about 3 application over the course of a couple of weeks or even up to a month….. but it does work………. I don’t know why but it does.

    1. Sherry

      My husband is having this problem, itching until raw! Wakes him in the night! It’s driving him out of his mind! So the vinegar being mentioned, is it apple cider vinegar or the white vinegar??? You say 3 applications over 2 weeks to a month. Is that 3 times a day for a week or a month? I’m confused, trying not to get help for him! He has been to dermatologist for creams, no help! Can you be more specific about the use of the vinegar (what kind) and how often? Ty very much!!!

  29. j

    Thanks for this post. Ultimately I think, 15 min foot spas of hot water, bleach (white king), apple cider vinegar and baking soda every 8 hours killed it (I only did this 3 times). I have used anti fungal powder to prevention reoccurrence and morning rinses of bleach. The bleach hurt initially but it stopped the itch.

  30. Sophia

    Hi everyone!
    The horrible itch has striked my feet too, out of nowhere. I went totally mental from it, especially at night, after my feet got warm in the shoes and just here and there… no signs of fungal infection or anything, just a bit red but mostly itching!!! couldn’t sleep or function as a proper human…
    Now, after 5 days or so, it seems to be gone (knock on wood!).
    Here’s what worked for me, not sure if it’s the combination or just the lotion:

    A subscribed lotion from the doctor containing active materials: Diflucortolone Valerate 0.1 % ; Isoconazole Nitrate 1%. (about 3 times a day)
    An hygienic foot wash sop (soaking the feet in water with soap for a bout 15 minutes in the evening and then rubbing the lotion in on dry feet)
    Taking pro biotic pills daily
    Drinking water with a detox hebal oil (I’ve suspected that it might come my liver or something)

    as you can see I was desperate!!!!

    Limasil didn’t work, anti bacterial lotion didn’t work… haven’t tried the home remedies though…

    Good luck to everyone and let’s fight the itch! 🙂

  31. EJ

    I’ve been going through the same with my little toe the top side had what seemed to be a bee sting and developed into what looked like a small tiny blister, I thought it was a reaction to a sweat bee. It cleaned out like a pimple would,mbut the itching continues, nearly a year now. I’ve used the peroxide, straight bleach dabbed with a-tips, baking soda, vinegar most of the above methods for relief mentioned, but the itch comes back. I even took my glue hot glue gun and dabbed a pearl of hot glue on it (desperate measures). Well that has worked the best so far. Once the blister heals, the whole tiny itchy spot seemed to be gone for months, but now it is itching again. I did go to the dernpmatologist, but nothing from there has worked, and I hate the way one office visit gouged into my insurance for 1,200.00 for ONE visit. (Have opinions on the way that outfit operates but won’t get started on that.) So, here is what I used today that worked and took away the itching: a First I sprayed CLR bathroom cleaner on the counter, it foams, and dipped a manicure brush in it, then brushed it on my tiny toe area. Then I added three drops of tea tree oil and brushed lightly again, getting in between the toe too. Then I soaked two small paper towels with white vinegar and sprayed them with Tile Brite (contains no phosphates) cleaner. I put the drippy wet towels in a produce bag and slipped my foot in with the treated paper towels and tucked the towls on my little toe and in between the neighbor toe, after 10 minutes, rinse and pat dry. So far no itching and the slight redness has cleared about 90%. Not bad. Ahhhhh oh what a relief it is. That worked for now, however, the glue gun episode was the best. Dermatologist charge hundreds of dollars to burn stuff off skin, so that is how I got that big idea. I think sugar has something to do with fungus acting up. Where I live in the south, the porch and sidewalks mildew and we power pressure the stuff off, spray with bleach, it’s a constant battle, all new to me, not having lived in a humid climate before. Next if the itching comes back, I’ll try a different Dr and see if I can get the diflucortolone vallerate lotion. (Thank you above for the info on that). You know, one would think someone who is a practicing Dr in the South, would know what to do, however I’ve yet to find the smart one. I’m encouraged to have found I’m not the only one going through this. I hope what I have found will help others as well, and save on expensive useless dr visits as well.

  32. Dave C

    Hi all , I have been suffering itchy feet for about 3 years and it’s bee driving me crazy . My wife went to her podiatrist and mentioned this to her and he suggested soaking them in salt water for about 10 minutes then rubbing a small amount of vicks vapour rub on them . I was a bit sceptical about using vicks on my feet but I had instant relief and had the best nights sleep .

  33. Jess

    I use white spirit, or turps, and it’s the onlt thing that properly relieves the itching. My dr told me it’s not good for in the longterm as it dries my foot out more…… but in the short term, whilst I find another effective treatment, it’s heaven!

  34. listerinefootsoak

    Hi all , I have been suffering itchy feet for about 3 years and it’s bee driving me crazy . My wife went to her podiatrist and mentioned this to her and he suggested soaking them in salt water for about 10 minutes then rubbing a small amount of vicks vapour rub on them . I was a bit sceptical about using vicks on my feet but I had instant relief and had the best nights sleep . http://www.listerinefootsoak.com/foot-soaks/listerine-foot-soak-recipes/

  35. Gaye

    Hello I’ve been suffering from itchy heels for over 20 years now. Finally after many Doctor’s visits, pharmaceutical consults and online research saying that there’s nothing that can consistently be done to alleviate the symptoms, I turned to my cosmetic science studies background to try and come up with my own solution. I am happy to report that I believe that I’ve attained success. At least for my itchy heels. I am willing to offer anyone who lives in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada the opportunity to find this same type of relief by using my method. If you live in the T-dot and have not found a solution for your itchy heels and you’d like to try what I have discovered contact me. gaye@gayeboston.com

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  37. David M. Vitko

    If your hands and feet look great, with no apparent pustules, rashes, or other obvious issues, but they itch to high heaven, consider nutritional deficiency. B vitamins in particular are known to be associated with hands and feet itching. I fasted for 3 weeks this year and have been eating a fairly strict vegetarian diet since then. My hands and feet started itching a week ago. I am in otherwise great health. Hot water soaks for 10 minutes would relieve the itching for several hours. I finally got around to trying a good B complex vitamin supplement with almost miraculous results. Anyone can develop a B vitamin deficiency due to medications, dietary habits, alcohol use, and likely too much dietary sugar. It’s a cheap thing to try. It worked for me in the first day. I am not a huge proponent of vitamins for symptoms, but I cannot deny this connection.

  38. Bettye

    for the past few weeks, I have experienced extreme itching on my right foot between the ankle and heel. It only happens at night when I get in bed. It was so itchy last night I was unable to get to sleep for hours. There is no rash but the entire area is reddish and feels lumpy. When I went to get a Peddie today, I could hardly put my foot in the water. It was so painful and it did itch!!!! I will try the baking soda and vinegar paste tonight!!

  39. Bonnie

    My ankles itch extremely bad after I have walked through grass with sandals on. I have had this problem all my life and am certain it is caused from something in the grass. If I wear shoes I never have itching ankles. Almost 100% of the time when I wear sandals in grass my ankles itch severely for days. Sometimes I would take sandpaper to scratch the itch and tear the heck up out of my skin but the itch was still there!

    My solution for stopping the itch: Use heat on the areas that are itching. Either hot water or a hair dryer will work. Put as much heat on the affected area as you can tolerate without burning yourself. The heat will cause the affected area to itch like crazy! But don’t stop until you can’t stand the heat any longer. When you remove the heat, the itching will be gone. Sometimes it takes applying heat twice, but usually one time we’ll do it. If you have a bad case, it could take a day or two to get rid of it completely, but this method will get rid of the itch instantly for many hours. I read that the heat activates anti-histamines or something like that. This method works on almost every kind of it you may have… Mosquito bites, ant bites, allergy rashes, etc.

    1. Liliana

      Hi Bonnie. My problem started on Sunday night. On Sunday morning I took my daugther to a place to see animals, there was grass and lamb poop all over and I was wearing open shoes. I don’t know if this is the cause of the problem but I can’t think of anything different that I have done. I’m also pregnant two months. Both of my feet itch but mostly at night and the itch is unbereable, I actually went to the ER, I’m getting not sleep at all, I have now taken three different allergy pills but none have worked. I tried the heat this morning and it itched like crazy. I feel better now but I have also been up for about an hour, let’s see how I feel if I lay down. Do I need to apply the heat a few times a day?

  40. karen

    Hi I just got the same itchy feet problem so I’m washing t hem down with water drying them an putting
    COMFREY CREAM rub that in then let the fan blow on them.
    If you have one it’s working but I defo need more permanent solution.

  41. JessItchyFoot

    Thank god there are like minded crazy people out there. Thank you for these posts. As we speak I have my right foot soaked in vinegar kitchen towel and in a sandwich bag (with sick over the top!).
    Instant relief! I honestly wanted to hack my foot off with a kitchen knife because the itch was getting to me so badly. I have gone through various athletes foot creams (even though there is no visual evidence of any fungal infection) but they only provide a bit of relief during the day. By 7pm my foot was so bad that I couldn’t even go out to the pub or whatever .
    I’m a sceptic when it comes to alternative remedies, but when your desperate you start acting like a crazed woman, googling answers for solutions that educated doctors couldn’t find! AND THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE! Thank you for all your input guys, and if anyone else comes across this thread all I can say is – get your vinegar out the cupboard and start pickling your foot!

  42. Barbara

    I have athletes foot and ringworm. Nothing works on ringworm. I have tried natural remedies for my athletes foot
    coconut oil apple cider vinegar. I haven’t tried Lamisol because I am sensitive to all meds and can’t take oral meds because my immune system compromised. Any ideas how to rid myself of either. My feet burn and itch all night. I don’t c want to try fungus creams on feet yet. Thanks

  43. Mamaboocee

    After every shower I put 40% zinc cream (aka diaper rash cream) on my feet. No more smelly feet, no more itchy feet. Sometimes I use Lamisil defense, too. Make sure your feet are dry before you apply. Budreau’s butt paste for babies work the best and does not smell fishy. Any drug store baby diaper rash cream will work as long as it has zinc oxide (the higher the percentage the better.

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