Home of the Mothman.

By | December 19, 2005

“West Virginia has played host to two famous monsters, both within a span of a dozen years. In 1955, a 12-foot-tall space creature landed in a flying saucer and terrified the town of Flatwoods. And in 1966-67, a monster nicknamed “Mothman” performed a similar frightfest on the citizens of Point Pleasant. But today, the Flatwoods monster — it never got a name — is almost invisible on the vacation landscape. All that the town of Flatwoods offers are some monster replicas for sale ($25) in the gas station next to the Shoney’s. In contrast, Point Pleasant is keenly attuned to the needs of the modern monster tourist. It has a very cool Mothman statue. It has a Mothman museum. It sells lots of Mothman merchandise. Why the difference? Mothman was made into a Hollywood movie in 2001 and thus is more than a monster — he’s a celebrity.” – roadside


This statue is not very close to what eyewitnesses said the mothman looked like. For sketches from the original real mothman sighting, check here.

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