Home Invasion Video Stolen; Theft Caught on Camera

By | July 11, 2008

Home Invasion Video Stolen Theft Caught on Camera

One day after three men robbed a young mother at gunpoint, inside her home – someone stole the surveillance video from detectives. That theft was caught on camera.

Doctor Royce McGowan refuses to watch Wednesday’s surveillance video of the invasion into his Arlington home. His wife, mother-in-law and baby were inside the home when the men kicked in the front door.

“I just listened to it once. I can’t listen to it again. It enrages me,” said McGowan.

He gave the video to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. He hopes the clear pictures of the men will help detectives find them.

However his home surveillance video was stolen from police. The theft was caught on his office surveillance camera Thursday. “Crime is everywhere – you can’t escape it,” said McGowan.

While a JSO detective was interviewing the couple inside the office, the surveillance cameras caught a man pulling up next to the detectives car in the parking lot.

After scoping out the car for more than 10 minutes, the man broke out the car’s back window and stole the laptop.

Inside that laptop was a DVD of the surveillance video from Wednesday’s home invasion. “Without that… we wouldn’t have any recollection on who did it,” said McGowan.  – fcn

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