Hollow Earth Evidence? New Aurora Pics and Video

By | August 3, 2006

Hollow Earth Evidence New Aurora Pics and Video

Someone sent me some neat NASA videos that show the Aurora around the South Pole. Why does the Aurora seem to be “streaming out” of a single dark spot? For some, this is visual evidence that an inner sun inside our hollow planet is responsible for the Aurora.

“Check out this new clip from NASA servers of the aurora australis streaming out of the central point:


This one is a head on view of Antarctica as opposed to the earlier clip I showed avaliable here:

More hollow earth stuff here: http://hollowplanet.blogspot.com/

9 thoughts on “Hollow Earth Evidence? New Aurora Pics and Video

  1. Aco1

    If earth was a hollow planet, then how is there gravity? someone told me that the reverse of gravity makes a hollow planet probably be a, well… a hollow planet

  2. mugen

    Did you study physics, Its Centrifugal force that create gravity effect for inner world. Furthermore, gravity is a fraud. Scientist could not explain it, thus named gravity as an excuse. If gravity exist, why earth is not round? why solar system/ universe is ring/oval shaped?

    1. Xeno Post author

      There is no centrifugal force, only centripetal force. Things want to follow the curve of spacetime (for us this is usually a straight line) but it is warped into a disk when you spin a huge ball of loosely connected stuff. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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  3. Sam

    Gravity is a property of mass. If the Earth were hollow, there would not be enough mass to explain the gravity that holds us on it, nor would our position in the Solar System be as it is.

    You guys are hilarious.

  4. abdulmaliq

    well…actually gravity is a matter of mass but having hollow earth doesn’t mean that there is no core in the earth,but as the photos show,i think it is just a large spaces under some areas of the crust of the earth, so the gravity exists,
    but they are assuming that there is life and may be even civilization in there.. and that is what we really have to think of.. cause what is there source of energy?
    are they able to use the energy of the core of the earth,, the Lava!
    no sun in there>>>
    i really think that humanity should explain that and that this might be our next place to inhabit.. and it is easier than explorng the space..
    don’t you thnk so..!

  5. Sam

    Ok, you get it that much of the gravity would be around you and not beneath you the deeper you go, right? And there are really no “large [hollow] spaces under some areas of the crust,” because the mantle is actually pushing OUT. Caves are in the crust, not below it. There are not enough caves to replace human cities, and there are no “caves” or “pockets” in the mantle, and the mantle is not anywhere you’d want to be (or even could be).

      1. Cheng

        Just joshing! I like these daft topics.
        Perhaps they should send down some spades to the Chilean miners and tell them to dig downwards and get saved by the Inner Earthlings.

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