I used this restroom today, but I had to think about it.

By | November 16, 2009

I had to go and it was there, so I used it, but I had to think about it first. What is a transgender friendly bathroom? Would someone see me coming out of this bathroom and think that I was not the gender I seem? Would I find someone inside who seemed to be a woman but wasn’t? I was a little nervous, but no one was in there.  What do you think about this?

3 thoughts on “I used this restroom today, but I had to think about it.

  1. Cole

    Sick, absolutely sick. That’s what I think. The question is which out-ways which: A person’s right to be whatever gender he/she wants to be, or a person’s right to the privacy and security of knowing there’s no one but their own gender in there with them. I think the latter makes way more sense.

  2. Angela

    First off, being transgendered is a birth defect and has nothing to do with sexual orientation. I am a transperson and I was born with a mix of male and female characteristics. Part of the AMA sanctioned treatment of this condition requires a “real life test” in which a person is required to live for a year in the gender of their choice before being allowed to have surgery. During this year we still have to use bathrooms, so trans-friendly bathrooms are a godsend. Most of the resistance to trans-friendly bathrooms seems to come from people concerned about men dressing as women in order to use women’s bathrooms for nefarious purposes. According to the FBI this is a crime that has never occured.

    It would be good for people to know that the AMA has been using the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care to successfully treat transpeople for nearly forty years now, it’s not a perversion, it’s a birth defect that causes a discontinuity between one’s perceived gender and one’s own internal sense of one’s gender.

    1. Cole

      Trust me, here it is definitely not referring to that kind of transgender. This is definitely referring to a sexual orientation. I’m not sure why transgender would mean being born with male and female characteristics, considering that “trans” means “across” or “from one to another.” But I digress. No matter what the word means, it is certainly being used to refer to a sexual orientation.

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