Highest and Lowest Notes

By | September 12, 2009

Highest and Lowest NotesFredy Mercury of Queen sang within a 4 octave range.

Adam Lopez – Guinness World Record holder in the category of “Highest vocal note by a male” ( Recorded live at the Channel 7 Studios, Australia, 2005) has an 8 octave vocal range.

He sang C# in the 8th octave (off the piano) which is the highest vocal note ever sang by a man.  See it here:

Next, check out Georgia Brown’s high notes. She uses the whistle register:

The whistle register (also called the flageolet register or whistle tone) is the highest register of the human voice lying above the modal register and falsetto register. This register has a specific physiological production that is different from the other registers, and is so called because the timbre of the notes that are produced from this register are similar to that of a whistle.

In some sopranos the modal register vocal production may extend into what is usually thought of as the whistle register.[1] Women of all voice types can use the whistle register. With proper vocal training, it is possible for most women to develop this part of the voice. Children can also phonate in the whistle register and men can as well in very rare instances.[1]wikipedia

And finally, enjoy Tim Storms, who can sing lower than some people can hear. I’ve posted something about him before. Some of his low notes with the choir gave me chills.

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