Hey, wanna be a FEMA director? “no thanks.”

By | April 2, 2006

Bush wants someone to blame for the next major disaster, but after he picked recently fired and?unqualified Michael Brown, ignored Brown during the disaster, then scapegoated him publically, Bush is having a bit of trouble finding the next sucker. Seven people have turned Bush down so far.

WASHINGTON — The calls went out across the nation, [for] seasoned disaster response experts to consider the job of a lifetime: FEMA director. But again and again, the response was the same: “No thanks.” fema_sign-704812.jpg

Unconvinced that the administration is serious about fixing the Federal Emergency Management Agency or that there is enough time to get it done before President Bush’s term ends, seven candidates for director or another top FEMA job said in interviews that they had pulled themselves out of the running. Now, with the next hurricane season only two months away, Bush, several former and current FEMA officials said, intends to ask R. David Paulison, 59, a former fire official in Miami who has been filling in for nearly seven months, to take on the job permanently.

Others who have spurned requests to be considered for a FEMA job include Craig Fugate, the top emergency management official in Florida; Richard Andrews, the former homeland security adviser to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger; Ellen Gordon, former homeland security adviser in Iowa; Dale Shipley of Ohio and Eric Tolbert of North Carolina, two former FEMA officials who served as the top emergency managers in their home states, and Bruce Baughman, president of the National Emergency Management Association and the top disaster planning official in Alabama.

The search for a permanent replacement for Michael Brown, who quit after criticism of his management of the Hurricane Katrina response, has gone on so long that Rep. Harold Rogers (R-Ky.), chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees the Homeland Security Department’s budget, threatened last week to hold up action on the budget bill until the top administrative posts at FEMA were filled. – CTRIB

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