Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Trailer)

By | July 10, 2008

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Created by artist Mike Mignola, “Hellboy” was first published in 1993 by Dark Horse Comics and quickly gained attention in Hollywood. “Hellboy,” (2004) starring Ron Perlman as the demon … cost around $60 million and made around $60 million.

Not wanting to give up on “Hellboy 2,” Gordon urged Revolution chief Joe Roth to pry the title out of Columbia’s hands.

That set in motion a series of moves: Revolution owned the title but had to formally check whether the studio wanted to exercise its right to make a sequel. Since Columbia was uninterested, Roth asked permission to let Gordon take the project elsewhere. Columbia, after more meetings, eventually let the title go, thinking that any sequel would only enhance the value of the original “Hellboy.”

None of the other studios were quick to bite, though. “It was not an immediate battle to get it,” Del Toro said.

The story would have ended right there and then if it weren’t for one thing: “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Del Toro’s passion project began building buzz in mid-2006, and execs started jockeying for his next project. And what did he want to do? That sequel to “Hellboy.”

“He was so dedicated to making a second movie,” said a source close to the production. “If you wanted to be in business with Guillermo, you had to make that film.” The sequel set up shop in the Czech Republic last spring and summer, taking advantage of the country’s film rebate. Del Toro, in an unusual move, fought hard to shoot everything using only first unit photography.

“To have the scope we wanted, at 85 (million dollars), was a f—ing pain in the ass,” Del Toro said. “It meant really brutal hours, six-day weeks on a 130-day shoot.”

Del Toro and creator Mignola have an idea for a third movie, but that will depend on several factors, not least of which are box office performance and Del Toro’s timetable: The filmmaker is spending the next four to five years working with Peter Jackson on the two “Hobbit” movies. Summing up the experience of making the sequel, Del Toro was his usual charming and blunt self. “It was hard as f—,” he said. –reuters

Saw it tonight. Not bad! See it. Good monsters.  Those tooth fairies were sick! The elemental was cool too. Nice final fight scene.

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