Has the Mayan Crystal Skull Mystery Been Solved?

By | March 14, 2012

Australia, March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Gemstone dealer with over 20 years’ experience investigates the mysterious Mayan crystal skull.

Wayne Sedawie, founder of Gemrockauctions.com, has been wholesaling and has cut over a million gemstones, has sold over 1,000 crystal skulls, and has an experienced understanding of all aspects of how a crystal skull could have been carved.

With in-depth gemstone knowledge and practical experience he has researched and investigated the crystal skull mystery and used his experience from operating gemstone cutting factories, opal mining operations, international gemstone wholesale and a recent trip to Chichen Itza in January 2012 to investigate the Ancient Mayan sites.

Firstly by studying the geography of the area he analysed where the quartz could have been formed. This led him to some exploration findings and to the conclusion that the rough quartz had to be outsourced out of the Mayan regions. The trail for the sourcing of quartz led to the investigation of the Mayan trading system and trade routes, the amazing and chilling rituals and religion of the ancient race, the ideal environmental conditions for the creation of quartz, analysing what countries could have supplied the quartz and where the crystal skull could have been made in the start of the century.

Other researchers failed to investigate how a crystal skull could have been made. With his knowledge and research he found out how at the start of the century craftsmen had existing techniques and were capable of cutting a crystal skull.

A skilled craftsman understands how to analyse rough quartz in a process called “stress test.” This test eliminates any faults in the rough before carving commences, and then with the use of pointers or calibrators the craftsman could obtain an exact copy from a human skull and also use abrasion materials that were available at the time, so that a skull could be cut and polished. Through this information he has concluded with a high probability of who made the skull.

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