Happy “21.12”, Rush Fans!

By | September 21, 2012

It isn’t the year 2112 yet, but 9/21/12 is close enough for a Rush celebration. I had so much fun as a kid learning this stuff note for note by ear on the guitar (especially the solos)! Rush is an amazing trio, very creative album. Alex Lifeson is amazing. Trivia: I played Red Barchetta at a school assembly in high school once. I selected the song because some kid in an English class at my school wrote the lyrics to it when he was supposed to be writing an original poem… and he got an “A”. I thought the teacher who heard us would be amazed that I had turned one of her student’s poems into a song. 😉

More trivia: The bass player for a Rush tribute band called “Rash” joined my band Xenophilia (folk rock, not Rush-like) for a performance at the Arco Arena in Sacramento once.


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