Halloween display prompts 911 call in St. John’s

By | October 22, 2009

The homeowner of the property is known in his neighbourhood for creating realistic Halloween sets. The life-like mannequin inside the van convinced someone to call 911.A frighteningly life-like Halloween tableau in St. John’s led to a 911 call and a response from emergency officials Monday morning.

The owner of the property in the north end of the city is well known for extravagant Halloween displays.

This year, a van is parked head-on into a partly ripped down fence, giving the impression that the vehicle has slammed into the property.

A realistic-looking mannequin with long dark hair is slumped over the steering wheel, and black streaks on the pavement behind the van look like skid marks.

On Monday morning, 911 officials received a call about the scene, with a report that the van had slammed into the fence and the driver was still inside, appearing to be injured.

Emergency crews responded to the address and discovered the Halloween prank.

The owner of the property used a similar setup last year, except that instead of a van, a vehicle was painted to look like a police car.

The owner, who chose not to be identified, said he does up his property at Halloween for his kids.

via CBC News – Nfld. & Labrador – Halloween display prompts 911 call in St. John’s.

As someone who has seen someone die in a car accident in person, I do not find this at all amusing.

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