Hail collapses 9,000 homes, kills at least 14 people in China

By | June 16, 2009

MapRecovery efforts have begun in eastern China following a severe hail storm on Sunday that killed at least 14 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

Hail stones and winds of more than 100km/h (62mph) lashed the province for nearly 90 minutes, uprooting trees and scattering debris across roads.

The Civil Affairs bureau in Anhui province says more than 10,000 people had to be taken to emergency shelters.

It was the second deadly storm to hit the province so far this month.

In eastern China storms batter the region during the typhoon season each year.

Officials in Anhui province, one of the poorer parts of the country, say this latest bout of severe weather caused around 9,000 homes to collapse.

As well as those who died, more than 180 others were injured.

Earlier this month another severe hail storm killed 23 people in Anhui and injured 200 others.

Officials say they are worried that more extreme weather will follow and new contingency plans are needed.

via BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | China storm leaves many homeless.

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