Government Telepathy Project?

By | April 7, 2006

Government Telepathy Project

“In 1993 the DIA STAR GATE project initiated a pilot study into the feasibility of using telepathy for command, control and communication for soldiers behind enemy lines, in situations where normal communication wasn’t possible. If the government is serious about developing mind to mind com links, then they must also be considering the threat of ‘foreign’ developments. This is known as C^4: Command, Control, Communication, Computers. Telepathy merely takes this to the next level. It provides a command and control signal line for communication. The computer is the biological material inside the human brain. Wiggle this brain here, and that one over there responds. Wiggle hard enough, and perhaps you have created a remote control system.” – acron

Red herring: In intelligence, a false lead to cause an enemy to waste resources.

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