Golden Nugget Casino Suing Gamblers Who Won $1.5 Million From Unshuffled Deck

By | August 22, 2012

Golden Nugget Casino Suing Gamblers Who Won 15 Million From Unshuffled Deck

A New Jersey casino has sued a group of gamblers who won $1.5 million after they allegedly realized the eight decks of cards used in a game of mini baccarat were not preshuffled.

The Golden Nugget in Atlantic City, N.J., filed suit against the gamblers and playing card company Gemaco after 14 players collectively won $1,536,700 in 41 winning hands.

As the same sequence of cards kept appearing April 30, the players increased their bets from $10 to $5,000, the casino alleged.

“The gamblers unlawfully took advantage of the Golden Nugget when they caught onto the pattern and … by passing money to fellow gamblers in order to place bets in excess of posted betting limits,” the casino said in a statement.

In a lawsuit filed in New Jersey Superior Court, the casino cited gambling regulations that state gaming odds must be fair for both sides.

The Golden Nugget is seeking a return of the $558,900 it paid out to several of the players and the nearly $1 million worth of chips.

Benjamin Dash, attorney for the gamblers, said his clients, who did not know each other, were “playing the game lawfully.”

After paying out a portion of the winnings, the casino managers became suspicious. Convinced they were watching a “sophisticated swindling and cheating scheme,” they refused to cash in the remaining $1 million in chips.

No evidence of a scheme was found. On May 1, the Golden Nugget said it learned by “direct admission” from Gemaco’s CEO that the decks used in the baccarat game were unshuffled, despite being touted as preshuffled, certified decks. … was unable to reach Gemaco for comment.

Three of the gamblers filed a countersuit against the casino alleging they were discriminated against because of their Chinese heritage.

“All of the players were Asian [and] none of their chips were honored,” Dash said. “In New Jersey, a chip is evidence of a debt.”

After the win, Dash said, one of his clients was assaulted when he answered the door of his hotel room.

The man was pinned against a wall and his belongings were searched, Dash said. He was then held in a room without access to food, water or an interpreter, according to allegations in the countersuit, which identifies no particular assailant.

The Golden Nugget called the claims “completely false.” …

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    Well I can agree with these men . I had a situation at a GAF convention 4 weeks ago were myself and several Manufactures People were playing a poker game and having fun when we started to win a good amount of cash. Management comes over and increased the table for $10 to $15 by putting a slip of paper over the $10 dollar box. I complained and then we moved on to several other tables and we startyed to won more money, when I complained about a few more things I got carted away by 5 men and was mistreated and handled roughley in my own room. I have bruses and more to show for it and a trip to the doctors and detailed out just in case. At 145 lbs and a hurt back I tryed to reason with them. I could tell a whole lot more as this was the start of my rights being violiated. When I came back with a witness to get into my room security and the police came to my room so I could pack up my stuff up to load my car and get out of town. Security acted differently then. Still they tried to get me in trouble. I beleave everything that happened an the way these men were treated. The Security men did the same to me in my rooms . Now Being form the capitiol of our United States Area and an outstanding citizen I have made sure to tell every one about about This Outrage. I did nothing wrong and Now I have to Get some serious back sergery done asap.

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