Going Solo on Valentine’s Day: Advice for Single

By | February 14, 2008

valentines-tips2thumbnail.jpgThe stores are decorated in candy hearts, flowers and bears. Every TV or radio commercial reminds you that it’s time to remember your sweetheart on this special day for lovers. Your feelings range from sadness, to revulsion to anger. What’s a single person to do?

Celebrate the day by planning an activity that is meaningful and enjoyable to you.

Design a relationship-building plan. Let the holiday provide you with the motivation to take risks, try new ideas and gain the knowledge that will enable you to find and create a lasting, intimate relationship.

Work to eliminate negative thinking. When a negative thought comes into your mind, take a moment to think about what is beneath it. Then, tell yourself that thinking this way is not good for you. Make a decision to drop the thought and try to think of something (anything) that is positive. It can be as simple as focusing on what a beautiful day it is outside, to feeling grateful that you survived the current wave of lay-offs in your company. … Negative thinking is a downward spiral that leads to negative behavior and possibly depression. Consciously choose to challenge these thoughts, and empower yourself with a more positive outlook and approach to life.

Hopefully these tips will assist you in having a better ‘solo’ Valentine’s Day than you might have been headed for. Enjoy the day by doing something fun. Then focus on your relationship plan and empower yourself to build the healthy, lasting relationship of your dreams.

Source: Chiff

This can be a fun beautiful day even if you are not in a relationship. The sun is out. Eat some chocolate, stay positive, remember the good times. That’s my advice to me. Singles: What is your advice to yourself?

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