Gnomes Sighted, High Strangeness at Punta Indio

By | February 16, 2010 arrived in the morning. There were six of us riding in a car. Then the entire group came in a microbus and got lost, arriving at 1800 hours more or less. We camped there, and we took the most favorable spot, having arrived first. Allegedly, one Roberto Mota brought Zulma Faiad there, along with a bunch of other contactees. Well, we got together, the microbus arrived, and we were some 40-50 people. A presentation was held and we meditated at 12 midnight. It was also said that after meditation, we were going to see a supposedly submerged city in the River Plate – a dome of light that emerged after midnight.

We meditated, and as we did so, we heard [a sound] like footsteps behind us. We were seated in a large circle, some 30 meters from the river. They told us that they were gnomes – that the entire area was full of gnomes. After we emerged from meditation, and after seeing the dome of light over the river, around 1 a.m., that submerged ethereal city in the River Plate, four of us – two girls and a fellow from Temperley: Marcelo, Graciela and I think Nancy, from Lanús – sat down to chat about our experiences and Marcelo said: “Look at those four little eyes over there.”

We’d seen a lot of loose animals in the area – cows, dogs – and thought they were dogs. We raised our flashlight and projected… and saw two gnomes. Old, dressed in Dutch-fashion and we were startled. We stood up, and when we stood up, they ran behind a bush there, and it seemed that they dove in headfirst. That was our impression that they dived behind the bush headfirst. We took a look and there was absolutely nothing there. …

via Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: High Strangeness at Punta Indio.

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