Walking rocks on the moon!

By | September 18, 2009

3930700032_4c0e03f9bc3929907805_4f9802274e3929922549_71fd3709c7Rocks that walk and hop  on the moon!
Wow, I had fun exploring the moon tonight. Zooming around the LROC Image Browser was awesome. It made me want to be there, on the moon so I can look even closer at some things. Regarding these rock tracks, I’m wondering why the photos are so much closer than the tracks of the Apollo 14 astronauts.  What would we see if we could see the Apollo 14 site zoomed in as much?

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) is designed to address two of the prime LRO measurement requirements: 1) Assess meter scale features to facilitate selection of future landing sites on the Moon. 2) Acquire images of the poles every orbit to characterize the polar illumination environment (100 meter scale), identifying regions of permanent shadow and permanent or near-permanent illumination over a full lunar year. In addition to these two main objectives, the LROC team plans to conduct meter-scale mapping of polar regions, 3-dimensional observations to enable derivation of meter-scale surface features, global multi-spectral imaging, and produce a global landform map. LROC images will also be used to map and determine current impact hazards by re-photographing Apollo images. – nasa

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