Giant Owl or Photoshop?

By | July 20, 2012

Allegedly taken in Carrizo Springs, Texas, it has variously been described as a giant owl and the legendary “Lechuza†– a shape-shifting witch, no less.

I’m sure, like me, you have thoughts, ideas, theories and – of course – suspicions!! Maybe England’s Owlman took a wrong turn?

via Cryptomundo » Giant Owl or Photoshop?.

Cool. It would make a somewhat believable mothman if real. Anyone have the scoop on this? No hits with tineye. I guess it doesn’t crawl Facebook. BeforeItsNews has a news video, but the Cryptomundo photo (top) is the clearest I’ve seen.

Looking closer, it does not look to me like the one feather the guy on the right is holding could support the body of the bird.

Still, it may not be a Photoshop fake. It could be a model. Okay, the last two images come from Kevin M and they show the possible location and size of the original so you can look for artifacts in the potential fake.



5 thoughts on “Giant Owl or Photoshop?

  1. Kevin

    Top is original with errors I feel are there, bottom is a quick job on what the original might have looked like. I use photoshop every day for work, so this was a quicky, I’m not a crazy person:)

  2. Edgar Rivera

    Esta lechuza es real, existen más fotos, fue tomada en HERSHEYS MONTERREY y su cadáver está en el Zoológico La Pastora de esa misma ciudad, los oficiales de SECURITAS son personas con alto nivel comprobable de integridad, más en esa empresa, yo vi el video de cuando estaban tomando las fotos, es realmente impresionante y REAL!!!

    1. Xeno Post author

      Translation: This owl is real, there are more photos, was taken in MONTERREY HERSHEYS and his body is in the La Pastora Zoo in the same city, Security officers are people with a high level of integrity probably, more in that company, I saw the video of when they were taking photos, is really awesome and REAL!

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