George W Bush book to tell of ‘flaws and mistakes’

By | April 27, 2010

Cover of George W Bush's bookThe memoir of former US President George W Bush will be a candid account of his “flaws and mistakes” as well as his achievements, his publishers said. The book, Decision Points, will offer “never-before-heard detail” on some of the key events of Mr Bush’s presidency, Crown Publishers announced.

Due for release in November, the book also covers Mr Bush’s family life. The former Texas governor left office in 2009 with one of the lowest presidential approval ratings ever. Correspondents say his legacy has been damaged by unpopular wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the global financial crisis.  In a statement, Crown Publishers said Decision Points would centre on 14 decisions Mr Bush made during his eight years in office.

The attacks of 11 September 2001 and devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina are among key events covered, it adds.

… “Since leaving the Oval Office, President Bush has given virtually no interviews or public speeches about his presidency,” the statement said.

“Instead, he has spent almost every day writing Decision Points, a strikingly personal and candid account revealing how and why he made the defining decisions in his consequential presidency and personal life. “The cover features a photograph of Mr Bush standing outside the White House during his presidency, holding a briefing folder. A publishing industry source told the Associated Press news agency that Mr Bush had finished a first draft and was editing the manuscript in his office in Dallas, Texas.The book is due to go on sale on 9 November. Mr Bush will promote it with a nationwide tour. The memoirs of Mr Bush’s wife, Laura, are due out on 4 May.

via BBC News – George W Bush book to tell of ‘flaws and mistakes’.

“Buy my book so I can make even more money.  Suckers.”

5 thoughts on “George W Bush book to tell of ‘flaws and mistakes’

    1. Xeno Post author

      Actually I thought I was being quite nice given the other things I could have said. I am curious what he will say, but really, he blew it. I started with an open mind, but I’m firmly against election fraud, preemptive war, torture, no bid contracts, outing CIA agents for political reasons, govt. spying on citizens, excessive govt. secrecy, holding people prisoner indefinitely without trial, changes in laws and regulations that endanger public health, removing funding for education, the use of depleted uranium munitions in Iraq, giving metals of honor to anthrax attackers, executing people with remote controlled drones, using fear of WMDs for political and financial gain, and lying about 9/11.

        1. Xeno Post author

          I think the terms “liberal” and “conservative” divide us needlessly. We are more alike than we think, but we have been exposed to very different information and so our beliefs vary accordingly. We are all on the human team.

  1. Repack Rider

    I wonder whether someone will read it to him before it’s published. Answering his critics with a book rather than a press conference is the post-presidential version of screening the questions and only answering those you like. And cashing in from the rubes. Don’t forget that.

    Hope there’s a book tour and some sort of hardball questions, but what are the odds?

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