Geneticists Create ‘Bi-Fi’—The Biological Internet

By | October 5, 2012

Geneticists Create Bi-FiThe Biological Internet 

By engineering a parasitical virus, geneticists have taken the first steps toward creating a biological internet in which the body’s processes can be improved by controlling the natural communication abilities of cells. Using the M13 virus, Stanford researchers have created a mechanism to send genetic messages from cell to cell. “The system greatly increases the complexity and amount of data that can be communicated between cells and could lead to greater control of biological functions within cell communities.”

What’s the Big Idea?

When the Internet was invented in the 1970s, hardly anyone knew what it might become. Similarly, Bi-Fi could yield wild benefits: “Down the road, the biological Internet could lead to biosynthetic factories in which huge masses of microbes collaborate to make more complicated fuels, pharmaceuticals and other useful chemicals. With improvements, the engineers say, their cell-cell communication platform might someday allow more complex three-dimensional programming of cellular systems, including the regeneration of tissue or organs.”

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4 thoughts on “Geneticists Create ‘Bi-Fi’—The Biological Internet

  1. Fred Killer

    Have these people seriously got nothing better to do than try to outsmart billions of years of nature?

    The human body does more than these bozos will ever know as the physical manifestation is the last level of expression into what we call reality.

    Cells can communicate perfectly well already until something/someone interferes with them.

    They certainly don’t need to be merged or genetically spliced with parasitical viruses!

    Remember how Thalidamide was supposed to be perfectly safe?

    There are enough scheming parasites running the show already for oil and drug profits without some sort of slime ball telling us what to do.

    I get enough of that at work already.

    Electrical first.

    Chemical second.

    Physical third.

    It’s still not actually solid matter even then.


    What is energy?

    Does anyone actually know?

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