Technology rewiring our brains, Geeks Explained?

By | December 10, 2008

Technology rewiring our brains, Geeks Explained?

Dr. Gary Small, a psychiatrist at UCLA, argues that daily exposure to digital technologies such as the Internet and smart phones can alter how the brain works.

When the brain spends more time on technology-related tasks and less time exposed to other people, it drifts away from fundamental social skills like reading facial expressions during conversation, Small asserts.

So brain circuits involved in face-to-face contact can become weaker, he suggests. That may lead to social awkwardness, an inability to interpret nonverbal messages, isolation and less interest in traditional classroom learning.

via Scientists ask: Is technology rewiring our brains? – Yahoo! News.

Everything we do rewires our brains, but there have been socially inept people from day one, so you can’t blame Google.

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