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By | September 15, 2009

World record ... Phil Day plays <i>Galaga</i> at home in Braidwood. His 3.44million score came after six months of training.IN A back room of his Braidwood cottage in the NSW Southern Tablelands Phil Day has just broken the world record on the 28-year-old classic arcade game and successor to Space Invaders, Galaga.

Passing the previous mark of 2.7 million set by an American, Andrew Laidlaw, in 2007, Mr Day’s score of 3.44 million is the culmination of six months’ training and practice.

There were few signs of celebration at 12.30am on Saturday when, after playing for two hours and five minutes, Mr Day finally passed the score.

“There was no one else around. I wanted to signify that I had reached the 2.7 million mark for the video recording of the attempt, but I couldn’t get too excited and I was pretty exhausted,” he said.

Galaga Tournament was released in 1981 by the Japanese game creator Namco as an update to 1979’s Space Invaders. It quickly became one of the most popular games of the decade and appeared in arcades around the world.

Mr Day started playing Galaga when he was seven and has had an affinity with the machine ever since. …

To qualify for a world record, the game must be played on an unaltered 1981 machine, complete with original circuit boards. The technology predates the mobile phone, email and the internet.

Players must video their record attempts. Mr Day’s score has yet to be verified by Twin Galaxies, the world authority for computer game records.

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  1. Jon Klinkel

    I only play occasionally anymore (once every couple/few months) and after a warm-up game I am always able to hit stage 255/0. I’ve been wanting to try for the world record, myself, for quite a long time but have never attempted it. I would love to play in a tournament against some of the better players but that (sadly) appears to be a thing of the past.

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