Frozen mice ‘have healthy pups’

By | August 17, 2006

Frozen mice have healthy pups

Mice kept in the deep freeze for 15 years have fathered healthy offspring, say scientists in Japan and Hawaii. One in five female mice undergoing IVF with sperm extracted from the dead mice had healthy, fertile pups. … One idea would be to inject frozen mammoth sperm recovered from the ice into the eggs of female elephants. … They did not use hi-tech cryo-protection techniques, simply storing whole testes or bodies in a freezer. The sperm appeared lifeless when thawed out but researchers were surprised to find that they produced viable offspring. … Any mammoth recovered from the permafrost would have spent more than 10,000 years in a frozen state.

Great idea! Bring back the dinosaurs too so they escape from their cages and eat lawyers.

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  1. Trixie

    So, I’ve got a scientific question that I’m hoping you can answer….are human pheromones real? If so, what distance are they able to travel?

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