Fring Brings VoIP to Hacked iPhones

By | April 16, 2008

Fring, the company founded by Avi Shechter, the former co–CEO of ICQ and VP at AOL, has announced that it released a test version of its popular application which brings Skype, as well as MSN, Google Talk and AIM to Apple’s iPhone.

“This special pre-release version of fring, developed in conjunction with the Holon Institute of Technology academic research labs is a direct response to iPhone users kicking our behind to get fring for their COOOOOL devices,” the company said on its website.

“Part of the objective here (besides getting you all excited with fring for iPhone) is to get feedback prior to release of the full-feature version and create a truly superb user experience for iPhone users,” Fring says.

The fring application is only available to those who jailbroke their iPhones or iPod Touches. The application is not endorsed by Apple which is against VoIP applications for its gadgets. This is the case because access to free calls could dramatically cut into the profit margins of the carriers licensed to supply the handset, and everything Apple does is about large profit margins (like its Mac desktop computers). Also, application runs in the background, which is forbidden by Apple.

Of course, the iPod Touch does not have a microphone so you need the Touchmods dock connector microphone.

Fring, also co-founded by Boaz Zilberman and Alex Nerst, is headquartered in Israel, and has representation in Italy, UK and Germany. In February, BusinessWeek reported that more than 100,000 new users from 160 countries were downloading, installing, and registering to use fring each month. – eflux

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