Frenchman ‘flees Somali captors’

By | August 27, 2009

map showing areas under Islamist controlA French security adviser seized by Islamist militants in Somalia has escaped his captors, officials say.

The Frenchman, who was kidnapped from a hotel in Mogadishu along with a colleague last month, reportedly killed three militants as he fled.

French foreign ministry officials confirmed that he had escaped but denied there had been any violence.

They also said the second hostage was still being held. An earlier report that said he was free was retracted.

The pair were part of a team who are in the country to train forces for the UN-backed interim government – who are battling Islamist rebels for control of the country.

Ransom denial

A spokesman for the interim government, Abdulkadir Hussein Wehliye, said the escaped Frenchman was in the presidential palace and “in a good mood”.

A government military official, Farhan Asanyo, said the man had approached government soldiers early on Wednesday, identified himself and said he had escaped.

“The man told them that he was one of the French officials held by militants,” Mr Asanyo said.

via BBC NEWS | Africa | Frenchman ‘flees Somali captors’.

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