French doctor claims to have found ‘chemical cure’ for alcoholism – Telegraph

By | December 9, 2008

French cardiologist Dr Olivier Ameisen tested out baclofen on himself and was amazed by the effect it had on reducing his drinking. Baclofen which is commonly used to treat muscle spasms appears to suppress the craving for alcohol. Dr Ameisen 55 has written a book about his discovery called Le Dernier Verre The Last Glass which is proving a publishing hit in France. It comes out in English next month. In it he calls for clinical trials to test his theory. But some specialists believe it is “extremely irresponsible” to tell people that alcoholism – a physical social and psychological condition – can be treated with a simple drug Dr Ameisen said that baclofen was so effective that it enabled alcoholics to return to social drinking rather than cutting it out completely which is often the route that counsellors recommend. He said “Mine is the first case in which a course of medicine was completely suppressed alcohol addiction. Now I can have a glass and it has no effect. Above all I no longer have the irrepressible need to drink.”

via French doctor claims to have found ‘chemical cure’ for alcoholism – Telegraph.

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