Free Xeno Song: Kiss you on the Moon

By | December 5, 2009 song resulted years ago when I tried to capture all of the best Apollo Moon Conspiracy tidbits in one epic space rock adventure. (First wrote the article, then boiled it down to the song.)

I had the day off from work today, so I created a new orchestrated version:

MP3: Download:  Kiss you on the Moon

Steal this song! Give it to a friend.

Recording notes:  Starting to think that the best vocal sound is clean so this latest song has no reverb, no pitch correction.  Recorded in Cubase 64 bit under with Windows Vista.  Vocal lessons are starting to help too.

License: Free for non-commercial use. You may use this or any other of my songs from the widget in your non-commercial videos, slide shows, etc. as long as you include this web site in the credits. Example: “Kiss you on the Moon” by Xeno,

I can’t see who is downloading, but I can see which songs get downloaded (not played on the web) because I get an email each time … and I’m always glad to see that someone liked something enough to grab it.

Did we go to the moon? I think so… but I can’t personally prove we did.

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