Free Xeno Song: Get Off My Head

By | September 7, 2009

Free songs on this site are works in progress. I may delete them at any time, so download it if you like it.  The number of downloads helps me discover which of my songs people like best. Downloading = voting.

Free song download: Get Off My Head (mix #2) mp3. Off My Head

I could easily forget you if you’d just get off my head
In the apartament above me there’s a girl just made to love me, but love fled.

Now she’s stompling around with some new boy she found it paints my ceiling red, and I could easily forget her, if she’d just get off my head.

I could easily forget you if you’d let me sleep at night.
I don’t want to know your business but it’s hard to hear you fight.

And the power of the memory of the week or two we spent, and the urge to leave increases every time I pay the rent, and I could easily forget you, if you’d just get off my head.

Get off my head. There’s an angel feet above my bed. Get off my… Have a better level of decency would you wait a little while, a week for me? You know I can’t forget.

I could move into the country, I could grow myself some wine. I could store it in the cellar, I could sell it and grow rich in time.

But I never will forget the girl upstairs and my delight when I held her at the ocean on a cold romantic night, and I could easily forget her, but I won’t, it’s just not right.

Recording notes: The flutes are very “Strawberry Fields”.

Song Notes: Written years ago about a true strange experience I had living in apartments.  The experience could be one of the reasons I decided I should buy a house and get away from apartment living.

The Mexican sounding background vocals right after the line “let me sleep at night” were inspired by my recent trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico where, at the wedding of Faith and Franz, I heard a local all female Mariachi band and later played music late into the night at a beautiful villa with some fantastic people.

A few people heard this song live with my now defunct band Xenophilia. This is the first recording of it.

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