Free tix to twilight – new moon – review

By | November 20, 2009

My friend had two free tickets to the 2nd movie in the “Twilight” series. I saw this movie tonight without having read the books and without seeing the first movie.

It seemed to be a movie about a pretty teen waif girl and some pale people with strange eyes, then it was a movie about a guy who keeps taking his shirt off. Then it was a movie about a guy who cuts his hair and gets a tattoo and takes his shirt off. And then, it was a movie about a group of guys who take their shirts off and turn into werewolves… oh … and there was some kissing and a few fight scenes and ghostlike special effects.

The ending made people gasp in surprise, about where it ended compared to the book, I think.
There were so many teenage girls at this movie in Sacramento that they closed down the men’s restroom to turn it into a woman’s restroom in the theater.
I was moderately entertained by the story but for my own tastes, the Underworld movies are more my speed if I’m looking for vampires fighting werewolves.

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  1. Mandy L

    hey~! happy new year~!!! I like your twilight new moon reviews~! Plz come visit me sometime too~! ^.^ I LOVE twilight*! The movie was great but prefer the book like many others …
    wow~ those are pretty looking tickets~ !!
    mandy l.

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