Free Music MP3: Xeno covers Paul Simon. 3rd Take, Remix, Backing Vocals Added

By | September 7, 2006

Free Music MP3 Xeno covers Paul Simon 3rd Take Remix Backing Vocals Added

9/7/06 Update: My latest version of Paul Simon’s “I am a Rock”.

Did you ever watch that show where a guy with a funny accent paints a picture? Well, if you downloaded my previous sketches, you can think of this as watching me paint a song. Gets a little better each time… I hope.

All versions were recorded direct to disk on my laptop using free software called Audacity (1.3.0 beta) and some light reverb effects.

I sold my bass guitar a while back, so I’m playing the part of the bass by shifting my voice down an octave.

This is a complete remake of the previous test version. I added some crazy super fast guitar and backup singers… They still need work 😉

“I am a rock” – Xeno, 9/7/06, MP3, 2 MB

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