Frank Joyce: “First reporter at the Roswell UFO Crash” Passes Away

By | October 10, 2008

Frank Joyce, a veteran New Mexico newsman who reported on the “Roswell Incident” as it unfolded and was a familiar face with his outdoor report on KOB-TV, has died. The Albuquerque resident was 85. Joyce was in his 20s working at Roswell radio station KGFL in 1947, said his son, Ron Joyce.

“All I’ll say is he was the first reporter at the scene,” he said about his father.

Frank Joyce thus became connected with the famous UFO story. He was interviewed about the incident a number of times over the years and depicted in documentaries and movies, such as the TV film “Roswell.” “They did several interviews with him on CNN and The History Channel and various UFO documentaries,” his son said. The elder Joyce talked with his son about what he had seen, but his son on Wednesday declined to share the tale. Asked how his father felt about being associated with the incident, Ron Joyce said the feelings were mixed.

“He liked the positive aspect of it, but didn’t care for the people that didn’t believe in it, you know?” the son said. – ufochron

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