Found letter says Yale club has Geronimo skull

By | May 10, 2006

Found letter says Yale club has Geronimo skull

HARTFORD, Conn. – A Yale University historian has uncovered a 1918 letter that seems to lend validity to the lore that Yale University?s ultra-secret Skull and Bones society swiped the skull of American Indian leader Geronimo.

The letter, written by one member of Skull and Bones to another, purports that the skull and some of the Indian leader?s remains were spirited from his burial plot in Fort Sill, Okla., to a stone tomb in New Haven that serves as the club?s headquarters.

According to Skull and Bones legend, members ? including President Bush?s grandfather, Prescott Bush ? dug up Geronimo?s grave when a group of Army volunteers from Yale were stationed at the fort during World War I. Geronimo died in 1909. – msnbc

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