Former Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) supervisor, Roswell crash object was alien spacecraft

By | September 23, 2009

One more puzzle piece in the Roswell story.

Robert L. Hastings, who researches the connection between UFOs and nukes, has an article on The UFO Chronicles adding a new voice to the “it was aliens” explanation.

Former 2… a former, high-level nuclear weapons specialist has now provided dramatic, hitherto unknown information about the controversial case. In 1998, I conducted a taped interview with former Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) supervisor Chester “Chet” W. Lytle Sr., whose work in the early 1950s put him in the right place, at the right time, to hear a very interesting story about Roswell. Lytle told me that he was “absolutely” certain that the mysterious object secretly recovered in the New Mexico desert was an alien spacecraft. According to Lytle, the unimpeachable source of this information was none other than William H. Blanchard, the commander of Roswell Army Airfield at the time of the incident. …

Lytle unexpectedly mentioned the Roswell Incident. He said the former base commander of Roswell Army Airfield, then-Colonel William Blanchard, had once confessed to him that the object recovered in the desert in July 1947 was in fact a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft. According to Lytle, this revelation occurred in mid-February 1953, when both he and Blanchard were visiting Eielson AFB, Alaska. …

Lytle, who held Top Secret clearances relating to his work with the AEC, was informed that an extraterrestrial spaceship had been recovered. The general said that four dead humanoid beings had been aboard. Startled by Lytle’s unexpected admission, I asked, “Blanchard actually told you that the Roswell object was an alien spacecraft?” Lytle emphatically replied, “Oh, absolutely!”

Hastings is appropriately cautious and offers this context:

If Lytle is to be believed, his old friend had let him in on what was arguably the greatest secret in history—even though he had no need-to-know about it. I will simply say that if the conversation occurred as portrayed, it certainly would not have been the first time that an important military secret was informally discussed between friends, in violation of the security measures surrounding it. …

But Blanchard was not Lytle’s only source for the crashed-spaceship story. Lytle added that he had later heard from another high-level Air Force source that some of the alien bodies were initially sent to Muroc Army Airfield (now Edwards AFB) in California, however, eventually “they all wound up at Wright Field.” Then, alluding to still other sources, Lytle said that he had been privy to “leaks about autopsies on the bodies from people who had been in and seen them.”

Those who have followed the Roswell saga know that Wright Field—later renamed Wright-Patterson AFB—figures prominently in the narrative. According to Lytle’s sources, the recovered alien craft was also stored there, but in Hanger 5—not Hanger 18—as Roswell lore has it. “I had the highest clearances involving atomic weapons stockpiling,” said Lytle, “I was very heavily cleared to do what I did, but I was never allowed into that area.” – link

Lytle, Hastings says, was coerced into silence after this by someone from an unnamed part of the government and he died in 2004.

Interesting, but without physical evidence,  we can’t really say who is telling the truth.

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