Foiling a Smart Meter

By | February 1, 2013

Foiling a Smart Meter

I’m not convinced of the harmful effects yet, still researching, but the above video does show the proof I was seeking that, at least for this one meter on June 25,  2011 that it was transmitting not just once a day at midnight. I wonder if that has changed because I was told today by the PG&E Smart Meter department that mine transmits only briefly at midnight each day.

If I become convinced of any negative biological effects, I’m glad PG&E will allow me to opt out… but the $75 set up fee and extra $10/mo is no fun.

Here’s someone with some credentials giving the thumbs down;


Here’s a more technical presentation against Smart Meters, the most convincing I’ve found so far.


Since we all know that industry influences science, how do we find and fund the unbiased studies? Undue influence is one of the most deadly diseases of our decade.

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