Flying Cars

By | August 22, 2008

Because flying cars and roadable aircraft seem to be more of a dream than a reality, many people believe that these things do not exist. The truth is that almost from the moment the Wright Brothers learned to fly, people have been attempting to build such vehicles and some of them have had a fair degree of success. For the reports on these projects, where related websites are available, links to those sites are provided. It is the goal of the editors to present a record that is as complete as possible.

Roadable Times is devoted to recording the successes, the failures, and the many designs that creative people have developed in the effort to build the ultimate man-made machine, the flying car. If you examine these stories you will see that thousands of hours and millions of dollars have been spent on these efforts. Perhaps, someday there will be cars that really will fly. –roadabletimes

I enjoyed browsing through the listing of flying car designs.

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