Flu shot cripples cheerleader for life

By | October 21, 2009

Flu shot cripples cheerleader for life

If the vaccine didn’t do this, what did? And if it did, why is it still available to people?

This is an update on Desiree Jennings. This poor woman was crippled with a neurological disorder after taking a vaccine, which is poisonous and contains mercury, squalene and other chemical toxins harmful to the body and nervous system among other dangerous substances that are in them. Research into the ingredients of what is inside a vaccine and DO NOT foolishly put something into your body when you do not even know what’s in it or what it can do to you. Taking vaccines just because the government tells you to is completely stupid and ridiculous. Question authority and question your reality.

Some seeing this video made comments for the vaccine such as: “People against vaccines are pretty much just people that are for death. Stop spreading lies and stupidity.”

Those against the vaccine say this: “Isn’t it great to remember that our lawmakers have protected the vaccine makers from liability for this and other vaccinations? There will always be gullible people without a clue in our world. I’m convinced that if some “government official” said on TV that eating cat shit was good for you that there would be a group that does it.”

The swine flu shot may become a form of natural selection to weed out the group that is wrong, trusters or skeptics.

Please do get the shot if you trust the officials. Don’t get it if you believe that it can cripple or kill you.

The truth will be what actually happens.

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  1. sam

    to bad this happin to her, but this needs to get out, what can happin, they should be liable for this. people put thier trust and life to the goverment.

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