Flight 93: What Really Happened?

By | May 1, 2006

Flight 93 What Really Happened

Despite the Hollywood movie depicting the passengers as heros who stormed the cockpit, some say that Flight 93 was shot down by Maj. Rick Gibney on orders to Col. Robert Marr from Dick Cheney. Flashback:

At 9:35, the Happy Hooligans of the North Dakota Air Guard flying F-16s were ordered to take flight 93 out. Rick Gibney is the Air Guard member identified as doing so some time between 9:35 and 10:00 AM on 9/11.

“Major Rick Gibney fired two sidewinder missiles at the aircraft and destroyed it in mid flight at precisely 0958;

He was awarded a medal from the Governor one year later for his heroic actions. As well as Decorated by Congress on 9/13/2001.

… Major Rick Gibney did as he was ordered and did nothing criminal. He was merely following orders, of which he had no choice. Please do not harrass (sic) this man or bother him for doing what his CO & ultimately George Bush, ordered him to do.” – prisonplanet

One site claims that there was no crash at all, just an underground explosion. Bizzare.

“What happened to the plane and its passengers? We don?t know. There is some evidence, as presented by the researcher woodybox, that Flight 93 landed at Cleveland-Hopkins airport.”

Just keep in mind that when the Govt. tries to hide the truth one technique is to make up incorrect conspiracy theories it can later debunk. The shoot-down scenario seems most correct to me based on the early stories I read. But who can say for sure?

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