Fish going about on land?

By | May 19, 2004

Can any modern day fish go about on land? Yes. “This photo, taken from the Maryland Department of National Resources (MDDNR) web site shows the air breathing, land walking snakehead fish. A man in Los Angeles was arrested for allegedly selling a live snakehead fish. (AFP/HO-MDDNR/File)”I like this next CNN quote because we humans eat a million animals per hour (more hippy stats here) and we have now depleted the oceans of fish with our voracious hunger and our advanced ecosystem destroying technology.

“State officials said the 19-inch fish, an Asian species that can wriggle on land for short distances and eats so many smaller fish it can destroy an ecosystem.”

Hey, leave this thing alone long enough and it will evolve into … us!

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  1. Gleet

    I started making pictures like these back in 1995, as time passed I have deleted most of them. but I still have a very few of them. if you should want them, please let me know. I will never do anything with them. I know you have a lot already. but you may want a few more. I would be very happy to e-mail them to you.

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