A Fan-made Xenophilia Video: Johnny Depp

By | June 16, 2006

A Fan-made Xenophilia Video Johnny DeppA fan in the UK used our song (the person probably found the mp3 on this site) and made a video which has had lots of views on YouTube so far. Fun. I wrote this song for/with Amy Anne a few years ago in Old Ironsides in Sacramento, CA. The tune and chords are mine and Hence wrote the riff.

Hence and I are singing backing vocals on the practice version recorded in his garage. Check out Amy Anne’s studio version of the song on myspace! (I helped with some guitar but no vocals on that version.)

I don’t know about the images, but rights are hereby granted to use this song as long as songwriting credit is given. So, yes, use our songs! We don’t approve of this:

“The RIAA is sending Cease & Desist Orders to kids who post videos of themselves dancing to music on YouTube, because the kids — who are giving musicians free viral marketing — haven’t paid a license fee.” –wweat

3 thoughts on “A Fan-made Xenophilia Video: Johnny Depp

  1. Amy Anne

    Hey Xeno! I was actually talking about another fan video, and it’s had almost 13,000 views. There are two? Crazy!! Well, if you want to see the other one, it’s posted on my blog on MySpace.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Sure Joanne. Here are the chords to our “Johnny Depp” song. D/C# means D major chord with C# in the bass note. This should be enough to get you going:

      F# (riff)
      [ B, B/Eb, D, D/F#, C#, C#/F, C, C/E, Bm, F#. Bm ] 2x verse
      [ D, D/C#, Bm, Bm/A, G, Em7, F# (riff) ] bridge

      The riff is: F#(low), F#(up an octave), F#(low), F, F#(low), E

      The fun is sliding from one cord inversion up to the next with the bass note in the second inversion.

      If you (or anyone else) records it Amy and I would love to hear your version!

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