First-time angler catches record-breaking fish in English Channel

By | February 20, 2012

Chris ProctorSea dogs might find it fishy but this beast was a case of beginners’ luck.

Angler Chris Proctor has broken the record for the biggest cod caught in the English Channel – on his first sea fishing trip.

The 31-year-old’s 19.75kg (43lb 9oz) catch was so large he thought his hook was caught on a shipwreck, until his reel began spinning.

An epic 30 minute battle ensued until the property agent landed the monster fish. But not before his rod jammed into his stomach, leaving him covered in bruises.

‘I almost didn’t go on the trip because I had so much work on but the rest of the guys talked me into it – thank god they did,’ he said. ‘None of us could believe our eyes when we got it on the boat and saw it’s size. It was an amazing experience and a once in a lifetime catch.’

The cod was caught 32km (20 miles) off Pevensey Bay in East Sussex last week. The previous record for the Channel was 15.9kg (35lb) in 2000.

Mr Proctor, from Stoke Gabriel, Devon, has feasted his catch since.

‘I’ve had pan fried cod, cod in batter, a beautiful fish stew and a fish pie. I can’t tell you how much freezer space it has taken up,’ he added. …

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Some would say that Mr Proctor will now be re-incarnated as a large fish.

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