Find the Cheapest Gas

By | April 25, 2006

Find the Cheapest GasHere are some links to local gas prices as of today: Sacramento ($2.87-$3.19), Davis ($2.93-$3.16), Woodland ($2.87-$2.99), Dixon ($2.92-$3.03). Cheapest gas along my path is currently the Arco ampm, 2200 El Camino & Howe, Sacramento at $2.87. Prices are always changing. People check and update the site regularly. I think all gas stations should be required by law to advertise their prices on line and keep them up to date. You can also search by zip code on If my tank holds 16 gallons, one tank at $2.93 will cost me $46.88. So, my current quest is to find the best bicycle I can get for $46.88. (Happiness tip: always have a worthy and interesting quest. )

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