Film Footage of Eisenhower’s Inspection of an Alien Spacecraft and Its Deceased Occupants?

By | March 4, 2009

Someone named Bob called in to a radio show about a month ago and claimed to have film of President Eisenhower inspecting some people on stretchers who “weren’t from this earth”. TEXT OF C2C CALLER “BOB’S” ACCOUNT ON 3 FEB 09 ==

Hello, Mr. Noory. I have a unique — unique– situation to volunteer. I’m in the military, and I monitor satellite cameras. What I’ve got to tell you is based on UFOs — uh, very unique situation: I have acquired eighteen canisters — reel-to-reel film, military film, based in the forties, early fifties. Uh, I inherited it.

[Noory: 16-mil, black-and-white?] They’re black-and-white; I had a [garbled] on the majority of them. The cans show military insignia like eagles and stuff like that.

[Noory: Have you looked at the film yet, Bob?] I have looked at a few of them. Uh, what I’ve seen so far scares me to death.

[Noory: of what? — give us a quick glimpse.] Uh, we gonna have to talk off the air at some point in time; it’s not . . .. [Noory, interrupting: I’m gonna have you give Tom your phone number if that’s okay.] What I’ve seen so far on the ones that I’ve looked at — well, back to the first one that I looked at showed President Eisenhower and, uh, the, uh, that eccentric guy, he, uh, that had the airplanes — what was his name? — the one who went into seclusion.

[Strieber: Oh, Howard Hughes.] Howard Hughes in a warehouse, looking around and, uh, people laying on stretchers (and they weren’t from this earth). [Noory: Oh, my gosh; all right, look . . ..] I want to stop there and . . .. [Noory, interrupting: Bob, I’m putting you on hold, we’re gonna get your phone number and we will talk at length. Could be fascinating. Whitley, my friend, stay in touch. [Strieber: thank you very much, George, as always . . ..]

via Item 2.25: FOIA Request to CIA re Film Footage of Eisenhower’s Inspection of an Alien Spacecraft and Its Deceased Occupants – Larry W. Bryant’s UFOview.

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President Eisenhower did indeed make a trip to Palm Springs between February 17th and 24th, 1954, and on the evening of Saturday, February 20th, he did disappear! When members of the press learned that the president was not where he should be, rumors ran rampant that he had either died or was seriously ill.

The story even managed to get onto a press wire before being killed moments later. To quell the fuss, White House Press Secretary James Haggerty called an urgent late evening press conference to announce “solemnly” that the president had been enjoying fried chicken earlier that evening, had knocked a cap off a tooth, and had been taken to a local dentist for treatment.

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  1. Sam

    Mr. Noory had talked about it on one of their (C2C) show, but nothing since?!

    Any update on this story?

    Would be much appreciated.


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