Feral cat pack terrorise town

By | September 23, 2009

Feral cat pack terrorise town

A GANG of vicious feral cats have been terrorising a town — leaving residents fearful of letting their children play outside.

The felines — which club together in groups of five and more to attack locals — have spread panic after jumping off walls and scratching passers-by in Pitsea, Essex.

Disabled John Randall today told how he was forced to fight a gang of hissing moggies off with his walking stick after they launched themselves at him and his dog.

The 52-year-old, who suffers from severe arthritis in his legs, said he suffered cuts following the mauling last Friday.

Mr Randall said: “I’ve seen these cats before – but I’ve never seen them behave like this.

“At first I heard a whining and spitting sound – then they all emerged from underneath a car.

“I did nothing to provoke them – and my dog was terrified but they kept jumping at us and clawing our legs.”

Other residents say they have to stop their children playing outside because of the cat attacks — which they liken to a horror similar to Hitchcock film The Birds.

One 59-year-old woman said she no longer lets her grandchildren play in the street, adding: “The situation has got out of hand. It is like The Birds around here – but with cats.

“They have damaged fences and sheds. It is ruining our quality of life.”

Another local said the screeching wild cats keep residents up all night.

via Feral cat pack terrorise town | The Sun |News.

Yeah, right. I’ll take a pack of cats over a pack of dogs any day. They were probably just hungry and they attacked because they were getting sick of being attacked by yapping little dogs. So, they formed a union. Go cats! This may start a flame war, but I’m a cat person. Don’t get me wrong, dogs usually love me and I enjoy most of them, but I’ve never met a cat I didn’t like. I can’t say that about dogs.

Well, it is strange. I’ve never seen a pack of feral cats attack anything.  Terrorizing? I think I’d laugh.

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