FBI Warns Of “Hit Man E-mail Scam”

By | January 17, 2009

FBI Warns Of

The FBI warns of a scam email that’s being sent with a very alarming message. “A friend wants you dead, and hired me to do the deed. For a fee, I’ll let you live” That message is currently being sent through e-mails and police are dubbing it a fake. Plainfield police have been taking down reports of this “Hit Man E-mail Scam” after residents received this scary message. Plainfield police Officer Jim Caliendo told the Joliet Herald that, “They prey on people’s emotions. People get scared, most people would look at it and say, oh it’s some scam or whatever. But some people might actually believe, oh my God, somebody wants me killed.” You can see a version of the “Hit Man E-mail Scam” Officials say do not open the email and that it’s best to call your local police station.

via WBBM 780 – Chicago’s #1 source for local news, traffic and weather – FBI Warns Of “Hit Man E-mail Scam”.

The date on the FBIs web site for this was Jan 15, 2007,  so this has been around for at least a few years.

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