FBI plants agent in group to encourage terror plot, then foils plot.

By | June 23, 2006

FBI plants agent in group to encourage terror plot then foils plotSummary “More B.S. WATCH OUT! TERRORISTS ARE GOING TO GET YOU! QUICK, GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS! ” Also see: Plot a Government Provocation and Terror plan farcical.

Seven men were charged yesterday with waging war on the United States after they were arrested and accused of plotting to blow up America’s tallest building. The arrests in Miami and Atlanta of five Americans and two Haitians, who were accused of pledging allegiance to al-Qa’eda, represent the most serious case of suspected homegrown Islamic terrorism uncovered in the US since the September 11 attacks. … No weapons or explosives were found when FBI agents raided a warehouse where the men lived and trained, with one senior official describing their plans as “aspirational” rather than “operational”. … The FBI infiltrated the group last December when an agent posed as a member of al-Qa’eda. – telegraph

Message #1: Fear black Americans. Message #2: Anyone against the war must be a terrorist. Interestingly, here we have US agents posing as al-Qa’eda. Was anyone doing any “posing” on 9/11? The FBI has no evidence linking Bin Laden to 9/11, so it makes you wonder if someone was posing. How would they know? Anyway, these “Sears Tower terrorists” had no plans, no explosives, I mean, what the heck? What crime did they actually commit? If you have no plan, how can you be “plotting”? Smells like a set up. An FBI guy posing as al-Qaeda contacts you, then you get arrested for being contacted by al-Qaeda? If the FBI wants to catch people and call them terrorists, they should wait until there is a real threat. This just looks fishy. Some say its a complete set up:

Sears Tower “Terrorists” Set Up?: Master G.H.G. Athea, Suspect’s Friend: “Someone along the line offered to him some funds to do whatever he wanted to do if that’s what he wanted to do. As far as some subversive work. And said they would give him whatever he needed.”

ANDREWS: So somebody had approached him to give him money to blow up buildings? ATHEA: To do whatever he wanted to do. But that was far from his mind. So he had no desire to interact with these men to accept anything they had to offer.

The fact that I was able to find this on the Web in a few minutes, my friends, is why we must protect the net and our rights to freedom of information. I don’t know who is being deceptive here, the friend or the feds, but I should be able to hear all sides when a news story hits. Thanks to the Web, you can. I guess the effect of this may be positive if it gets anyone contacted by “al-Quaeda” to call the FBI and the local media right away. The govt says there will be many more of these “domestic cells”. BS. There is anger at Bush, but not a generalized anger by Americans against America. That’s absurd. If this is all a covert op by the Neocon agenda, people should expose the evil bastards who are trying to frame fellow Americans. Impeach Bush.

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